Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 3 and last.

First chimera done. Am am afraid that i went a little overboard with the pigments, but since this is the first time i used pigments of anything, i am fairly happy about how it came out. I learned a lot of this one and i am sure the next one will be better. I will begin working on the next one along with the plasma platoon command squad, saving the basilisk for last.
 Lessons learned:
1. Pigments are fairly easy to used, however have a plan on where you want the rust and mud positioned or you will end up like this one ended up, dirty but in an unnatural way.

As you can see on the first picture from on the top. The rust is lying in unnatural ways and should be put in places where the mud and water would normally be seen. In my eagerness to dirty it up i ended up with to much. Little is more in this situation in my humble opinion.

Also be careful if you don't varnish it before applying pigments, that you don't rub of paint. I had to pigment over a few small places i noticed that the paint had been rubbed of. I also found out that if you apply it to thick it will become much more unnatural looking. I got much better effects of the pigments when i thinned it down more.

2. Games-workshops: Purity seal works! I had to seal the pigments to the tank with a varnish and the only spray i could get my hands on was Games-workshops: purity seal. 

I decided to test it and bought it. I put a lot of time into researching and i found many horrible stories about how the same varnish had ruins many hours work, but there was also some post saying that under the right circumstances it works like a charm. I tested it out on a few old painted models before varnishing the tank and they came out great! So i sprayed the tank and in my opinion its a good varnish. But remember to always test it on something first! One of the biggest problems appeared to be faulty cans a few years back and we all know how long they can stay hidden in shops or in stock.

3. Airsprays. If you don't have a air spray and you hate painting tanks with a brush, get someone who have one to do it. Michael painted the whole chassis for me and it was a breeze to paint afterward .I actually are looking forward to  painting the next one and the paint job he did speaks for itself!

Ps. I managed to sneak these two in to while waiting for the pigments to arrive, which completes my  two infantry squads for the tournament list!

Best wishes Ras


  1. Looks great ... welcome to the Chug!

  2. I would almost be tempted to add greenry to the tank to add some more camo.

    Maybe some tarps or jungle leaves just to personalize it a bit. I would not go over board with it because it will take away from the paint scheme.

  3. @Sune thx mate, i am sure ill enjoy the mobility they provide!

    @Stillfrosty was thinking of putting some leaves or plants on it but i thought that catachans would not prioritize tanks/transports very high and if you are fighting jungle warfare, why put camouflage on them?

    The only way i could figure they would actually deploy tanks/transports would be to transport them to a jungle or defend a base camp outside the jungle not actually fight in one.

    Actually... the netting wouldn't be a bad idea ha ha. I might have to give it some thoughts ;)

  4. Looks great! Definitely not fresh from the factory!


    Be careful adding greenery: sometimes it can look really quite tacky.


  6. @Drax I am thinking in more the line with some camouflage-netting. IF i will add anything to the tank... Only time will tell ;)

  7. insane paint job on that a.f.v.!

  8. @Palehorse thanks mate, welcome to the blog!