Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ratlings VIP

Hi guys, quick update on Ratlings. I decided to go with natural camouflage colors rather than camouflage pattern. I am currently working on the sergeant and after him just need two more. I still of cause need to put them on the bases. 

By the way, the Ratling to the right seems to wear the traditional red headband of  a Catachan jungle fighter.. 

Did he earn the right to wear it with some impressive shooting that might have saved a catachan or two or  his  reckless bravery for a hobbit? Or maybe hes just a damn good cook? Who knows these things!

What do you guys think?


  1. Great ... gotta love the rats.

  2. It's hard to explain just how much I dislike those old models.

  3. @Drax i really didn't like em either at first, but my wife persuaded me to buy em cause they where only 30DK(roughly 5 US dollars) and she thought they where cute.

    After a while they started growing abit on me and lately i actually found them kinda cool and my love for old models are well known..

  4. I just bought a group of ten of the old Ratlings to supliment my own Catachan Guard. And I, like you, didnt really have that much fondness for the old models, but after getting ahold of them, I personally love these old Rats. I like that a couple of them have have earned that Catachan headband.

  5. I liked the way my angry angel termies just punted them off the table, gotta love multi assaults.
    But they do look awesome them hobbits ;)

  6. @Michael Hehe, Ratlings pretty much fold to anything in close combat even guardsmen!