Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ratling squad done!

Ratlings done. I really enjoyed painting this little squad. First of all they are all old models so lots of detail! Second they are small, so they are relative quick to paint and third, i got to play abit around with more washing than normal on figures.

I plan on adding 5 more ratlings at one point, which will be of the new models. I like to have as many of the new ones as well as the older ones and i do really like the new ratlings. In the same catagory i also plan on painting the catachan snipers who which i already got two, just need the one sitting down aiming.

Here is a closeup on the favorite ratling. The sergeant.

Next models you will see is the first mortar squad. I already primed the old school one i got from Drax over at http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/ and i cant wait to starting painting it! I been staring at this model since he sent it to me!

Until next time guys
Ras out

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ratlings VIP

Hi guys, quick update on Ratlings. I decided to go with natural camouflage colors rather than camouflage pattern. I am currently working on the sergeant and after him just need two more. I still of cause need to put them on the bases. 

By the way, the Ratling to the right seems to wear the traditional red headband of  a Catachan jungle fighter.. 

Did he earn the right to wear it with some impressive shooting that might have saved a catachan or two or  his  reckless bravery for a hobbit? Or maybe hes just a damn good cook? Who knows these things!

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chimera for the Plasma command squad done!

I tried to go with less rust, more of a little cleaner look while still being worn, muddy and rusty. Literally trying not to overdo the rust again!

Now i still got the basilisk left and then all i have left in my army mech vise to paint up, is the 2 last sentinels. I will paint them the same way, worn, muddy and rusty. 

Catachan tank crews typically adorn their vehicles with non-standard stylized decals, kill-markings and unofficial nicknames in addition to standard army badges.

I  am gonna go back and further catachanize the chimeras and basilisk after i finish painting up the rest of the tourny list. Also i am not 100% happy about the searchlight, just looks to plain. I will go in and redo that one as well. I am still thinking about possible adding some camouflage netting to but it will have to do for the tournament.

I already started base coating a few ratlings so they will be finished during this week. I really wanna get the 1st squad of Mortars done in this month, so i only need to paint the basilisk and the 2nd squad of mortars til the 23 of April(that's when the tournament starts!)

As always i would love to hear what you guys think on the chimera. Both good and bad!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Platoon command squad with plasma done

I got the plasma gun i needed from Alex(thanks alot my friend!) at the club Thursday evening so i have no excuse not to finish it. I am very happy how the plasma came out. I went back and redid the plasma gun on the commander so it matched the rest. I planned on running the commander with a bolgun but  as you saw from my last post i decided to go with the plasmapistol.

Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum and i am all outta gum! I am very happy i did get the boltgun commander painted tho as he was very fun to paint and i just love the Duke Nukem glasses and the cigar in his mouth! This model is one of the reasons why i am collecting all the old school models(the plasma gun guy at the furthest to the right is also a old school model.)

Coming up next is their ride which i plan on improving the weathering on compared to the last one. You guys will as always be the judges if i succeed or not.

Until next time guys

Friday, March 11, 2011

The 1000 points team Tournament list

I think i finally finished my army list for the team tournament.  I am working on finishing at least another Chimera, the platoon plasma squad and the ratlings within this month.

Leaving me with a basilisk and 2 mortar teams April! I cant wait to play with a fully painted army for the first time in my life..!

So expect pictures of the plasma platoon, another chimera and ratlings next week.

I might be a little short on Tank busters but all 3 of my team members wield a lot of that so i see no need to change my normal tactics.

I form a firebase and let loose the pain on my advancing opponents. When they get near i will sacrifice my infantry squads on at a time, buying me optimistic 2 more rounds of shooting(hopefully they will wipe my infantry squad in their charge). Strakens squad will kick some ass after with a counter charge.

Ratlings and mortars will try and slow(pin) and thin down the troops outside transports. If i meet a mechanized army on my side i will open up the transports with my auto cannons(bring it down), missile launchers(bring it down) and multilasers. Then rain fire from the sky on the merging troops with mortar/sniper fire/basilisk. Round 4-5 i will use the chimeras(if they still live) to race forward and grab a extra objective(if we play objectives).

I had some very good games lately at the club. I am starting to get a good feel on the infantry list and to use it well. Mobility in some games are still a problem, but overall i am very happy how my catachans are doing. Also its priceless to play as the only one, in a world of mech, with an infantry army(although the arrival of chimeras and basilisks wont classify it that anymore).

I will miss my special weapons teams with my usual flamer/demo, melta/demo setups and Harkers devils but for this tournament only 1 Special character on each team. My mates knowing i always have a special character or 3 in my army, gave me the rights to use Straken(god bless em) and i just don't have the points for the special weapon teams. I am trying out a lot of new things in this list and i am looking forward to seeing how it will do!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 3 and last.

First chimera done. Am am afraid that i went a little overboard with the pigments, but since this is the first time i used pigments of anything, i am fairly happy about how it came out. I learned a lot of this one and i am sure the next one will be better. I will begin working on the next one along with the plasma platoon command squad, saving the basilisk for last.
 Lessons learned:
1. Pigments are fairly easy to used, however have a plan on where you want the rust and mud positioned or you will end up like this one ended up, dirty but in an unnatural way.

As you can see on the first picture from on the top. The rust is lying in unnatural ways and should be put in places where the mud and water would normally be seen. In my eagerness to dirty it up i ended up with to much. Little is more in this situation in my humble opinion.

Also be careful if you don't varnish it before applying pigments, that you don't rub of paint. I had to pigment over a few small places i noticed that the paint had been rubbed of. I also found out that if you apply it to thick it will become much more unnatural looking. I got much better effects of the pigments when i thinned it down more.

2. Games-workshops: Purity seal works! I had to seal the pigments to the tank with a varnish and the only spray i could get my hands on was Games-workshops: purity seal. 

I decided to test it and bought it. I put a lot of time into researching and i found many horrible stories about how the same varnish had ruins many hours work, but there was also some post saying that under the right circumstances it works like a charm. I tested it out on a few old painted models before varnishing the tank and they came out great! So i sprayed the tank and in my opinion its a good varnish. But remember to always test it on something first! One of the biggest problems appeared to be faulty cans a few years back and we all know how long they can stay hidden in shops or in stock.

3. Airsprays. If you don't have a air spray and you hate painting tanks with a brush, get someone who have one to do it. Michael painted the whole chassis for me and it was a breeze to paint afterward .I actually are looking forward to  painting the next one and the paint job he did speaks for itself!

Ps. I managed to sneak these two in to while waiting for the pigments to arrive, which completes my  two infantry squads for the tournament list!

Best wishes Ras