Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rawenwing first combat squad done!

 Static grass, pigments, squad markings, varnish done and ready to be played with. Hope you like them. Ras

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rawenwing trio WIP

Been a while since i last posted. Been busy with my 2. semester exam project and i still need to defend it the 24th, however this gave me a bit of time to paint in and i managed to finish painting the sergeant.

 I made a power weapon for my sergeant that i magnetized, so i can switch between then as needed. I plan on magnetizing everything in my Dark Angels army since it will be a relative small model count(especially compared to my catachans!).

I still need to finish the bases. I will  go over the bases with some bleech bone before varnishing them to make em pop more. Then i need to varnish them before applying the static grass. Also i need to do some freehand squad markings on their right shoulders.

I also manged to put together a attack-bike and magnetize the weapon setup so i can switch between heavy-bolter or multi-melta. Al tho i think my attack-bikes will act as tank busters i still want the option.

best wishes Ras