Monday, February 28, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 2.

Finally gotten around to painting my first Chimera before weathering it up with the pigments, sadly the sunlight wasn't very good you the highlights cant be seen very well.

Next step is weathering with the Vallejo pigments. Pictures of the weathered Chimera will be up tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 1.

Finally managed to put the Chimera together as i wanted it and Michael was great and told me to come over with it right away! I cant describe how pleased i am with the air-spray job on the chimera and how fast he did it! I am gonna make a 3 part post about the chimera as i really wanna share my joy with you guys all through the steps.

After i came home i was so pleased with it that i decided to go all the way with it. I ordered for 200 danish crowns worth of Vallejo pigments...! And i never used pigments before!! I am very exited about trying it out tho. However firstly  i need to paint the crewman,  weapons and tank details.

For people like me who either don't want  to pay for a air-spray setup just for a few tanks(or cant afford one), getting someone to do it for you is well worth it! I have all the details to do but basically Michael just did all the painting that i hate doing(and can never seem to come out as i want with a brush) so now i can enjoy painting all the fun parts and really get into personalizing it with weathering and lots of cool little small details. 
Michael have his own blog where he also have prices, pictures of his work and he almost always are running discounts on something. Hes a really cool and down to earth kinda guy whom you can always discuss prices with if you have a specific job you want done. Go give him a visit and check out his prices if you interested in getting some painting done by him.

Next part i will show you how the paint job came out and then the last part will be about the pigments and how they came out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another missile launcher complete, future updates and more

I just finished another heavy weapon team, the last missile launcher for my infantry squads. As normal i tried to make it as dynamic as i could. This team i wanted to show moving through the woods. The idea was a spotter and a guy with the missile launcher chopping down branches while moving closer to their target. 

You might reconise the models from an earlier post. Took me a while to get started on painting this bad boy, but the recent team tournament at the club have really motivated me to get started on the models needed for running my new 1000 point list fully painted.

On another note and very exiting for me... I finally got her! One of the hardest to come by models from the old Catachan model range. The female grenade launcher chick. I been on the prowl for her for more than 6 months but i never could find her for a reasonable price. I managed to trade her for a old farseer model i had lying with my eldar army.

She will go very well with Harkers catachan devils along with the 2 other grenade launchers i am planning on running with his squad. I cant wait to paint her op but it have to be after the chimera which is my second goal for the month. But the chimeras will be for another post. I am still in the process of putting it together. And i have some news about the paint job on it that i am very exited about, but that's for another post.

Ras signing out.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Company command squad Catachan style!

Finally my favorite unit in my Catachan army is done! I give you the Company command squad Catachan style. 

Straken with his two bodyguards
This command squad is designed to take the fight to the enemy and i will explain why. First, i took Straken for his kick ass abilities and his rock hard stats. In order to make sure his attacks have a high rate of actually killing i included a priest. Reroll all failed hits  on the charge and for some extra pain and vehicle destruction i gave him a eviscerator(counts as a powerfist with a +d6 for armor penetration). 

However by being a imperial guard Straken and his squad only have Initiative 3. So i needed something that would give them the staying power. I added a medic for that Feel no pain save, i upgraded carapace armor  which gives the whole squad a 4+ save(this is very important because the most common troop weapon aka the bolter have ap5) AND i included 2 bodyguards for extra wounds(these guys also comes with a baseline attack of 2 as an added bonus). 

Now if i just wanted a good CC unit i would have stopped here, but Straken is an officer and every IG command knows that orders are very important especially if you have a lot of footsloggers. So i upgrade a guardsmen with a vox in order to improve the chance of does orders
going through.

Then to Boost the low IG leadership i give one guardsman a regimental standard. This allows me to re roll any failed moral and pinning checks within 12 incs of the squad(very hand when i spend my 2-3 first turns trowing orders to my Heavy weapons, which also guaranties that most of my army is within range or close). Last thing to do is to upgrade the last guardsman with Close-combat weapons for that extra attack(this unit is designed to assault so i want all the attacks i can muster charging).

How to use it

I keep em back in the first 2-3 turns boosting 2 heavy weapons squads a turn with orders . His order to make their weapons twin linked is awesome for taking out mech or force a unit to reroll their coversaves! I then get into the thick of battle, like real catachans, knife first! This unit maybe not be a typical IG unit, but its hugely refreshing and fun to play since they dont expect IG to actually want to get into a close combat fight(except for ogryns, but that's a story for later).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ministorum Priest done!

As you guys already know, i started using a ministorum priest with my CCS. Lately i been seeing some really unlucky dice rolls from Straken in very important situations, where on paper it should be like stealing candy from a kid and then BANG! 3 * 2, 1*1 and a 4 on hit.......!!!! Outta 5 attacks on the charge with ws 5... 4 outta 5 attacks against all odds miss... or 3 outta 5! Its extremely frustrating cause now my CCS need to stay in the fight for that turn or(if unlucky again) 2 turns than i should have which means my hammer is stuck... 

So i checked in the codex for answers to my troubles and i found the ministorum priest could provide just that. There is always the posibility of unlucky dice twice in a row but hey! That is what can always happen in a game where dice rolling is included. So being a big fan boy of almost everything games workshop sculpt, i hurried to their site to see what ministorum priest models was available that i could order home. I found two models, which did not have a eviscerator that i always run on my own priest.. Also i really did not like the sculpts. So it was conversion time!

I recently bought a box of fanatics for my penal legion and and having bits from 2 battleforces and several Darkangel boxes(They have many awesome priest goods btw) so i had all the materials i needed to get started. I chopped of a chainsword from the command squad sprues and pinned it to one of the fantasic arms that held a large twohanded flail, found the most crazy ass fanatic head i could find and attacked some 40k goodies to his robes. Dadaaaaa! I got my own ministorum priest WITH an eviscerator.

I am putting finishing touches on my Company command squad, so expect to see pictures properly tomorrow. Finally my favorite unit in my army will be fully painted! Hope you all like my priest, until next time. 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

1000 points team Tournament list

Tournament time!

Okey guys so there is a tournament at the local gaming club coming up in roughly 2 and a half month. We each form teams consisting of 4 players. I joined forces with 2 space marines and 1 Grey Knight player. I know one of the space marine players like to play very offensive, wheres the other one is very mech heavy(lately been running with 3 preds) and the Grey knight player is one of my friends starting up Grey knights, so i have no idea how he will roll. But i am thinking lots of power armor and properly terminators and dreads.

So with that in mind, i started forming a list using the same tactics as my newly made 1750 points list except from the outflanking part(there is not enough points). 

The plan!

If we are playing objectives:
I will hold our objects and create a fire base. I will hold everything back trying to do as much damage on my opponents as i can trying to support my ally while he advances up the table until turn 3 or 4 and then zoom in with my chimeras and try to contest/claim another objectives. If the possibility to infiltrate in a good spot opens up i might infiltrate either ratlings , vets or maybe both. I will use Straken to boost my auto cannons and infantry squads. If the opponents happens to get near me,  i will then feed my infantry squads one at a time while hopefully down em in fire after their consolidate move. Strakens cleans up if anything left.

If we are playing kill points:

Basicly same tactic. Form a fire base in one corner and try to shoot our opponents to pieces before they get to us.

The catch!

I have 2 and a half month to paint units in the list i haven't already painted up so i need to finallise my armylist as fast as possible so i can plan what units to paint. I would love all you guys thoughts on my list.

Ras signing out.