Thursday, February 3, 2011

1000 points team Tournament list

Tournament time!

Okey guys so there is a tournament at the local gaming club coming up in roughly 2 and a half month. We each form teams consisting of 4 players. I joined forces with 2 space marines and 1 Grey Knight player. I know one of the space marine players like to play very offensive, wheres the other one is very mech heavy(lately been running with 3 preds) and the Grey knight player is one of my friends starting up Grey knights, so i have no idea how he will roll. But i am thinking lots of power armor and properly terminators and dreads.

So with that in mind, i started forming a list using the same tactics as my newly made 1750 points list except from the outflanking part(there is not enough points). 

The plan!

If we are playing objectives:
I will hold our objects and create a fire base. I will hold everything back trying to do as much damage on my opponents as i can trying to support my ally while he advances up the table until turn 3 or 4 and then zoom in with my chimeras and try to contest/claim another objectives. If the possibility to infiltrate in a good spot opens up i might infiltrate either ratlings , vets or maybe both. I will use Straken to boost my auto cannons and infantry squads. If the opponents happens to get near me,  i will then feed my infantry squads one at a time while hopefully down em in fire after their consolidate move. Strakens cleans up if anything left.

If we are playing kill points:

Basicly same tactic. Form a fire base in one corner and try to shoot our opponents to pieces before they get to us.

The catch!

I have 2 and a half month to paint units in the list i haven't already painted up so i need to finallise my armylist as fast as possible so i can plan what units to paint. I would love all you guys thoughts on my list.

Ras signing out. 

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  1. Stop complaining... I onlt have half of my GK army now....
    I still lack 1-2 LR and some more models...
    But imagine a tactical withdrawal and then charge as my tactics for these guys.

    But your list looks pretty competitive from what I can see, some mech and a lot of firepower.