Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ministorum Priest done!

As you guys already know, i started using a ministorum priest with my CCS. Lately i been seeing some really unlucky dice rolls from Straken in very important situations, where on paper it should be like stealing candy from a kid and then BANG! 3 * 2, 1*1 and a 4 on hit.......!!!! Outta 5 attacks on the charge with ws 5... 4 outta 5 attacks against all odds miss... or 3 outta 5! Its extremely frustrating cause now my CCS need to stay in the fight for that turn or(if unlucky again) 2 turns than i should have which means my hammer is stuck... 

So i checked in the codex for answers to my troubles and i found the ministorum priest could provide just that. There is always the posibility of unlucky dice twice in a row but hey! That is what can always happen in a game where dice rolling is included. So being a big fan boy of almost everything games workshop sculpt, i hurried to their site to see what ministorum priest models was available that i could order home. I found two models, which did not have a eviscerator that i always run on my own priest.. Also i really did not like the sculpts. So it was conversion time!

I recently bought a box of fanatics for my penal legion and and having bits from 2 battleforces and several Darkangel boxes(They have many awesome priest goods btw) so i had all the materials i needed to get started. I chopped of a chainsword from the command squad sprues and pinned it to one of the fantasic arms that held a large twohanded flail, found the most crazy ass fanatic head i could find and attacked some 40k goodies to his robes. Dadaaaaa! I got my own ministorum priest WITH an eviscerator.

I am putting finishing touches on my Company command squad, so expect to see pictures properly tomorrow. Finally my favorite unit in my army will be fully painted! Hope you all like my priest, until next time. 



  1. Cool model - nice conversion. GW do a model that kind of looks like a priest and has an eviscerator - its in the Witch Hunters retinue kit I think.

  2. @Michael thank, lets hope you get to meet him soon;)

    @Courtney Thanks, i look at the GW site, maybe its a old model, cause i couldn't find one with a eviscerator only chainsword. But it was in a normal one model box tho. I think i saw to retinue boxes at the local hobby shop tho.

  3. This is a cracking conversion mate - great painting too!

    Nice one.