Sunday, February 6, 2011

Company command squad Catachan style!

Finally my favorite unit in my Catachan army is done! I give you the Company command squad Catachan style. 

Straken with his two bodyguards
This command squad is designed to take the fight to the enemy and i will explain why. First, i took Straken for his kick ass abilities and his rock hard stats. In order to make sure his attacks have a high rate of actually killing i included a priest. Reroll all failed hits  on the charge and for some extra pain and vehicle destruction i gave him a eviscerator(counts as a powerfist with a +d6 for armor penetration). 

However by being a imperial guard Straken and his squad only have Initiative 3. So i needed something that would give them the staying power. I added a medic for that Feel no pain save, i upgraded carapace armor  which gives the whole squad a 4+ save(this is very important because the most common troop weapon aka the bolter have ap5) AND i included 2 bodyguards for extra wounds(these guys also comes with a baseline attack of 2 as an added bonus). 

Now if i just wanted a good CC unit i would have stopped here, but Straken is an officer and every IG command knows that orders are very important especially if you have a lot of footsloggers. So i upgrade a guardsmen with a vox in order to improve the chance of does orders
going through.

Then to Boost the low IG leadership i give one guardsman a regimental standard. This allows me to re roll any failed moral and pinning checks within 12 incs of the squad(very hand when i spend my 2-3 first turns trowing orders to my Heavy weapons, which also guaranties that most of my army is within range or close). Last thing to do is to upgrade the last guardsman with Close-combat weapons for that extra attack(this unit is designed to assault so i want all the attacks i can muster charging).

How to use it

I keep em back in the first 2-3 turns boosting 2 heavy weapons squads a turn with orders . His order to make their weapons twin linked is awesome for taking out mech or force a unit to reroll their coversaves! I then get into the thick of battle, like real catachans, knife first! This unit maybe not be a typical IG unit, but its hugely refreshing and fun to play since they dont expect IG to actually want to get into a close combat fight(except for ogryns, but that's a story for later).


  1. Dude - are you giving orders to a basilisk?!?

    Great post though: I like the style. I made a comment earlier on a post from last month about how much I think a flamer would add to the punch of this lot: I forgot to note how very 'Catachan' that flamer would be!


  2. @Drax haha ohh dear.. No thank god i haven't issued orders to a basilisk yet(its still on the plane from the UK), but after reading your comment i quickly went to check orders and it said none vehicles.... I am a total mech newbie..!

    I will correct the post right away! Now about the heavy flamer i read your post a few minutes ago and i have to say your spot on and its very tempting to put a heavy flamer in there.. The only thing that talks away from it is the high point cost of this already high priced unit.. But dammit if i am not gonna try it out next game i get at the club.. haha!

    Thanks for the nice words and the correcting;)

  3. Never underestimate the devastation that Straken brings ... he's a monster!

  4. That squad hurts...Even on Plague Marines..