Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another missile launcher complete, future updates and more

I just finished another heavy weapon team, the last missile launcher for my infantry squads. As normal i tried to make it as dynamic as i could. This team i wanted to show moving through the woods. The idea was a spotter and a guy with the missile launcher chopping down branches while moving closer to their target. 

You might reconise the models from an earlier post. Took me a while to get started on painting this bad boy, but the recent team tournament at the club have really motivated me to get started on the models needed for running my new 1000 point list fully painted.

On another note and very exiting for me... I finally got her! One of the hardest to come by models from the old Catachan model range. The female grenade launcher chick. I been on the prowl for her for more than 6 months but i never could find her for a reasonable price. I managed to trade her for a old farseer model i had lying with my eldar army.

She will go very well with Harkers catachan devils along with the 2 other grenade launchers i am planning on running with his squad. I cant wait to paint her op but it have to be after the chimera which is my second goal for the month. But the chimeras will be for another post. I am still in the process of putting it together. And i have some news about the paint job on it that i am very exited about, but that's for another post.

Ras signing out.


  1. Nice find, matey - she looks awesome!

  2. By the way - two things have crossed my mind with regard to the 'flamer in CCS' issue:

    1) You needn't shell out for a heavy flamer: at Str4 a normal one's still respectable;

    2) Beware: an unscrupulous opponent who suffers flamer casualties will take them from the models nearest your squad, thus depriving you of your 6" charge range! The same with any pre-charge shooting.

  3. @Drax indeed, the normal flamer should be enough. Not reason to out 4 times as much points for 1 extra strength the unit.

    The flamer casualties is differently something i need to keep in mind! Thanks Drax!

  4. Wauw, that is an awesome model!

    Can't wait to see her all painted up and ready to rock =)

    And yea, my motivation is also over the top, now I just need my new army to get started =D

  5. @Michael you got two new armies now, what to paint up first!? Did great with Grey Knights last Thursday but i guess Deathguard will always be a part of you(if you know what i mean ;))