Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 1.

Finally managed to put the Chimera together as i wanted it and Michael was great and told me to come over with it right away! I cant describe how pleased i am with the air-spray job on the chimera and how fast he did it! I am gonna make a 3 part post about the chimera as i really wanna share my joy with you guys all through the steps.

After i came home i was so pleased with it that i decided to go all the way with it. I ordered for 200 danish crowns worth of Vallejo pigments...! And i never used pigments before!! I am very exited about trying it out tho. However firstly  i need to paint the crewman,  weapons and tank details.

For people like me who either don't want  to pay for a air-spray setup just for a few tanks(or cant afford one), getting someone to do it for you is well worth it! I have all the details to do but basically Michael just did all the painting that i hate doing(and can never seem to come out as i want with a brush) so now i can enjoy painting all the fun parts and really get into personalizing it with weathering and lots of cool little small details. 
Michael have his own blog where he also have prices, pictures of his work and he almost always are running discounts on something. Hes a really cool and down to earth kinda guy whom you can always discuss prices with if you have a specific job you want done. Go give him a visit and check out his prices if you interested in getting some painting done by him.

Next part i will show you how the paint job came out and then the last part will be about the pigments and how they came out.


  1. Daaaamn, that does look good on a picture!

  2. Always love to see more green camo tanks :). What paints were used? Airbrushing really does help get a good effect - even if you use the cheap GW airbursh like I do. I'm interested in seeing how the use of pigments turns out as I've been holding out on buying some for a few weeks.

  3. @Courtney i cant recall in my head but model air Vallejo was used. Michael knows which ones..

  4. Used a base of tank green, then highlighted with an interior green and lastly a highlight with interioer green and white mix.
    All of them Vallejo Model Color