Monday, February 28, 2011

Catachan Chimera part 2.

Finally gotten around to painting my first Chimera before weathering it up with the pigments, sadly the sunlight wasn't very good you the highlights cant be seen very well.

Next step is weathering with the Vallejo pigments. Pictures of the weathered Chimera will be up tomorrow.



  1. Great job. I'm planning on purchasing a Chimera soon. I'm probably going to keep my company command squad inside.

    Also, I wanted to ask you. Have you ever used the Catachan codex:

  2. @Weeverman oddly enough that codex made me start a catachan army myself back in the days however the new IG codex can out shortly after i started my army so never got to play the jungle warfare rules and all the odd Catachan rules.

    I think many people wouldn't like to play the jungle warfare rules just cause the Catachan are build for that and many people don't like the play if they are at a disadvantage.

    Its a shame really.

  3. Nice work on the chimera. Suneokun calls them "chugs", which I quite like.

    As for the old jungle rules, find someone who's up for a laugh and play them!

  4. Agreed mate - nice work on show - this is moving along nicely.

    Like the good Admiral said, just find someone to have a laugh with and whip out the old rules - For friendly games you should find most gamers wouldn't mind an odd 'old school' game.

  5. Looking good Mister Olesen, can't wait to shoot it up :D

  6. I'm a huge fan of Chugs. For 55pts you get a vehicle that can seriously challenge any enemy. I'm gonna do a write up ... gotta be done!

  7. @Drax and Rogue for now i am more focused on learning the rules better, but i might try it out in the future if i can find someone to play in the jungle with.

    @Michael i am sure you do! haha

    @Sune looking forward to that mate ;)