Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preparing for 1250 tournament! Next months plan and List

Hey Guys, Ras here from Romania.
Just found out that 9k is having a 1250 tournament on the 24 September and this time i am actually home to compete.. Wooohuuu!! Now everything has to be painted and its WYSIWYG so that leaves me with a about a month to paint up the last i need for my list so this mean lots of Catachan post for you guys who missed the Catachan content the last few months.We will play the missions from Nova.

Mostly stuff i usually bring with the exception of a vendetta gunship and veterans without Harker! Now i still need confirmation from Michael that he have time to give the vendetta and the sentinels the usually base green with highlights but if hes for it, then this list is more or less the one i will bring(feedback always welcome, but keep in mind i still need to paint it! ;)).

Here is what i need to paint in the month:

2 Guardsmen with flamers
1 Sargent
5 regular guardsmen
1 vendetta gunship(needs to be catachanized)
2 scout sentinels

I am up for the challenge!