Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chimera for the Plasma command squad done!

I tried to go with less rust, more of a little cleaner look while still being worn, muddy and rusty. Literally trying not to overdo the rust again!

Now i still got the basilisk left and then all i have left in my army mech vise to paint up, is the 2 last sentinels. I will paint them the same way, worn, muddy and rusty. 

Catachan tank crews typically adorn their vehicles with non-standard stylized decals, kill-markings and unofficial nicknames in addition to standard army badges.

I  am gonna go back and further catachanize the chimeras and basilisk after i finish painting up the rest of the tourny list. Also i am not 100% happy about the searchlight, just looks to plain. I will go in and redo that one as well. I am still thinking about possible adding some camouflage netting to but it will have to do for the tournament.

I already started base coating a few ratlings so they will be finished during this week. I really wanna get the 1st squad of Mortars done in this month, so i only need to paint the basilisk and the 2nd squad of mortars til the 23 of April(that's when the tournament starts!)

As always i would love to hear what you guys think on the chimera. Both good and bad!



  1. Ras al Ghul, the Chug looks awesome. I love the idea of adding appropriate fetish's and trophies through victory - very feral.

    Now you are all ready for that mighty plasmagun drive-by action...

    Any thoughts on heavy stubbers, they're 'so-so' on Chugs - but absolutely rock on the banewolf ...

    12" move, heavy bolter shoots, and Chem-cannon/Heavy stubber shoots. From XP, the Heavy bolter beats the multimelta and hull heavy flamer as you have more reach for 'high' squads and more chance of forcing the last save on that pesky meltagun marine hiding for his life!

    That would be my choice for armour for the 'Catchas' ... hellhound flame tanks, very Catachan...

  2. @Sune thanks for the compliments mate very happy to hear you like it!

    Plasma driveby haha! Actually i thought about heavy stubbers, but from what i read on chugs they aren't in most cases worth it points wise. I would rather have some more infantry! My thoughts on why i went Heavy flamer is cause i don't want my chimeras in big matches to be up front.

    i will keep em back with the HWTs to give orders(Straken inside the chim) and then go for objectives or if kill points move to where i need em. If units deep strike to murder my HWTs the heavy flamer will hit alot of em and since templates are not affective by our puny bs3 even more bonus! I know i will miss shooting in 2-3 rounds, but i think the heavy flamer in the whole game will do equal casualties(in my theory anyway;))

    The Hellhound... yes! i will most likely add one later. I am tinkering with the idea of some more fast attack catachan style, but it will be something later this year.