Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ratling squad done!

Ratlings done. I really enjoyed painting this little squad. First of all they are all old models so lots of detail! Second they are small, so they are relative quick to paint and third, i got to play abit around with more washing than normal on figures.

I plan on adding 5 more ratlings at one point, which will be of the new models. I like to have as many of the new ones as well as the older ones and i do really like the new ratlings. In the same catagory i also plan on painting the catachan snipers who which i already got two, just need the one sitting down aiming.

Here is a closeup on the favorite ratling. The sergeant.

Next models you will see is the first mortar squad. I already primed the old school one i got from Drax over at http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/ and i cant wait to starting painting it! I been staring at this model since he sent it to me!

Until next time guys
Ras out


  1. Looking good, and the lichen works really well with them.

  2. With BS4, infiltrate and stealth - Ratlings are a bargain at 10pts each. Don't forget they are also I4, nothing like punking a space marine to really get people's goat.

    Target priority: MC's, then AV10 vehicles or units.

  3. @Sune Yeah they are amazing! I am differently taking them to a squad of 10 when i get go to 1850! I will have to buy the new figures for sure so i have both! ;)

  4. Ooooh I hate these critters!!!