Friday, March 11, 2011

The 1000 points team Tournament list

I think i finally finished my army list for the team tournament.  I am working on finishing at least another Chimera, the platoon plasma squad and the ratlings within this month.

Leaving me with a basilisk and 2 mortar teams April! I cant wait to play with a fully painted army for the first time in my life..!

So expect pictures of the plasma platoon, another chimera and ratlings next week.

I might be a little short on Tank busters but all 3 of my team members wield a lot of that so i see no need to change my normal tactics.

I form a firebase and let loose the pain on my advancing opponents. When they get near i will sacrifice my infantry squads on at a time, buying me optimistic 2 more rounds of shooting(hopefully they will wipe my infantry squad in their charge). Strakens squad will kick some ass after with a counter charge.

Ratlings and mortars will try and slow(pin) and thin down the troops outside transports. If i meet a mechanized army on my side i will open up the transports with my auto cannons(bring it down), missile launchers(bring it down) and multilasers. Then rain fire from the sky on the merging troops with mortar/sniper fire/basilisk. Round 4-5 i will use the chimeras(if they still live) to race forward and grab a extra objective(if we play objectives).

I had some very good games lately at the club. I am starting to get a good feel on the infantry list and to use it well. Mobility in some games are still a problem, but overall i am very happy how my catachans are doing. Also its priceless to play as the only one, in a world of mech, with an infantry army(although the arrival of chimeras and basilisks wont classify it that anymore).

I will miss my special weapons teams with my usual flamer/demo, melta/demo setups and Harkers devils but for this tournament only 1 Special character on each team. My mates knowing i always have a special character or 3 in my army, gave me the rights to use Straken(god bless em) and i just don't have the points for the special weapon teams. I am trying out a lot of new things in this list and i am looking forward to seeing how it will do!



  1. I would loose one mortar team, upgrade the other mortar team to auto cannon or misile launcher and use spare points on melta for the CCS.

  2. @Nicolai: I dunno mate - I like what he's going for...and you mustn't forget just how much fun mortars are to play!

    Why the basilisk, Ras? Not tempted to convert it into a medusa? It'd give you a better anti-tank punch, and although you'd lose a little range, you're unlikely to need that much range against most armies which close with guard pretty damn quickly.

    I can see why the barrage (fun!) could be useful, but doesn't it lack a bit of fluff for your normal Catachan approach? - a long-range artillery piece isolated in dense jungle?

    By the way, what sort of tourney is it?

    It all seems rather characterful though - good luck and happy hunting!

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  4. Hey Raz, big fan of your blog and your painting style and mainly deathworld veterans!

    However, for an infantry list there is really not enough men, like you I play a Deathworld infantry list and in 1000 points I field 5 squads in a platoon basic. This creates a enormous amount of problems for most of my enemies as they are forced to shoot them because of the amount of objective scoring and damage they can essentially put out at close range mainly due to the amount of flamers I use.

    So here are some suggestions.

    I would drop the plasmas completely in the platoon command squad and the chimera. This immediately gives you 120 points which in my opinion should be spent on 2 more infantry squads, with points left over to upgrade them.

    Your tactics are sound but those squads wont last long enough against most armies, or they'll be ignored as they are no major threat.

    Also given a objective based game you will be hard pressed to score a lot of objectives.

    Either way end of the day take what you want mate and kill some enemies of the Imperium for me, just thought I'd give some suggestions and hopefully they can be put to use.



  5. @Drax the reason i am running a basi is to try some long ranged artillery as i lately been outgunned from range by certain armies if i deploy first.

    I might change it to a different artillery later but for now i am going with the basilisk. I kinda imagine the basilisk doing long ranged artillery bombardment into the jungle, but your right its not common catachan fluff(same with the chimeras).

    Its a local 4 player team tournament(we play two and two with everyone in the team against the other teams). We each have a force chart to go for mine is 1 special character, 1-3 troop choice, 1 elite 1 heavy and 1 fast.

    @Andrew i know i don't have as many infantry squads as some infantry armies in this list. If you look at some of my other lists you dotn see many infantry squads: In fact i never use more than 2(3 if you count vets).

    The reason is that i use them for meat shields and to get a few HWTs in that cant be instant killed. I use the special weapon teams, HWTs, ogryns, pcs and ccs for the killing. The options of infantry squads are just to weak in my humble opinion(unless you blob em with commissar, but that's not my way).

    the plasma squad is for that powerarmor/tyranid monsters creature or light skimmers. I only bring em out when needed. I will try and get a battle report in soon so you can see my improved infantry tactics.

    I don't think i will have much problems with objectives as my HWTs will camp my own and i have 6 scoring units in 1000 points. Also you have to put into account that my teammates are play aggressive armies so prolly turn 2-4 they will take flak.

    Thanks for your replies, i love to get feedback and you guys always makes me think in other ways.

  6. I think that your list has too few anti power armour weapons, missile launchers and melta/plasma will give you more impact on power armour and tanks/personnel carriers (not to mention terminator armour).

    I do acknowledge the fun in mortars, but I'm afraid that they don't quite really make much of an impact due to low STR and poor AP. That is why I would not go for mortars.

  7. @Nico you might be right. I think with this list and my team mates lists i wont be a problem, but we will have to see.

    Normally i tend to wield special weapon teams with demolition charges and flamers to take a big bite of the deathstar/close combat specialists unit reaching my infantry squads. But i tried something new with the mortars/basilisk instead this time.

    The list is more for trying something new and at 1000 points i have alot less infantry in it than normally(check my 1500/1750 list f.eks) but i wanted to try out my new toys.

    Sune and Drax convinced me to try out mortars and after a few games i must say i rather like them alot. They will differently be a steady part of my catachan army from now on.

    You should check some of Sunes fine articles on mortars.

  8. Har du brugt Catachaner for en dræbeteam scenarie? Jeg planlægger en Catachaner tjenesteliste, men tror jeg at de er ikke så godt for små scenarier.

  9. @these No i never played a kill team scenario only regular missions, so cant help you there mate