Friday, October 1, 2010

My new 1000 point Catachan list.

 Okey so here is the list i came up with for Thursday next week. I altered the old list to tweak in some more ranged tank buster firepower and i also threw out the small ratling squad. I am curious to see if this list + the experiances i gained last Thursday will put the Catachans on top of the game versus the fast and brutal space wolves. 

 With this list i will have to make some alterations with the Heavy weapon teams and also need a few extra heavy weapon teams made. I already converted the sentinel with the missile launcher. My main plan this time will be to hang out more in the back with cover and try to hurt the wolves all i can before they charge in my face. Hopefully with the added firepower i can stop more than last game which shouldn't be to hard considering i only took out one rhino. Without further waiting, here is the list.

CCS: Straken, medic, 2 plasma, carapace armor and vox.

35p vox
Inf squad 1: grenadelauncher, HWT with missile launcher and vox.
Inf squad 2: grenadelauncher, HWT with missile launcher and vox.
HWT 1: 3 Missile launchers. 
HWT 2: 3 autocannons. 
Vet squad: Harker, 2 melta, flamer.

Ogryn: 2ogryns + bone ead

1 scout sentinal squad: 2 with autocannons and 1 missile launcher

Total 1000p straight.


  1. Hey Olen, great little blog here. Your jungle fighters are looking great! I use Straken, Marbo and Harker myself and would give the following advice ... it ain't fluffy - but its crucial!

    a) Harker works really well with three snipers and an autocannon. The Stealth and infiltrate rules, combined with this firepower makes for an awesome unit. The ranges are all about the same and it gives them good punch. Remember that Harker can have a Chimera (very unCatachan but tactically brilliant and can flank)

    b) Straken with medic is good, Straken and plasma guns are wasted points. Seriously, you are going to be charging with Straken most of the time ... why are you toting rifles which stop the charge? Consider dropping them for three guys with laspistol and CCW (cheap cannon fodder), a heavy flamer and I would SERIOUSLY consider installing Nork Deddog into the unit. Straken makes the charge tough, Straken AND Nork are a mini-deathstar unit, Pricey but good.

    3) Scout Sentinels need lascannons, end of. You heavily lack anti-mech, so consider lascannons on the Scouts. I would also consider Armored sentinels over scouts, as a speed bump they are (nearly) as tough as a dreadnought.

    4) Although they're not in the fluff ... I would consider Valkyries are a perfect transport for the Vietnam Vets that are catachans. Vendettas would give you solid anti-mech, while Valks can shoot around causing mayhem and dropping Straken and Nork into the middle of IT!

  2. Hey Suneokun, thanks a lot for the many advice. I can need all the advice i can get to get started. One very important thing tho is that painting and reading stories are at the moment a big part of my 40k hobby and here fluf is playing a big part of it.

    So ill consider taking a lot of stuff different but i wont at the moment compromise the fluf. The fluf is the drive that drives me to paint and convert. Its fun to play something different to what other people play. That being said this might change in the future, you never know, but for now the fluf is very important for me.

    You gave me a lot to think about tho. Its true, plasma with Straken might be a bad idea and your deffently right that i need some assualt weapons, last thursday i shot the plasma guns instead of charging with his squad togeather with my ogryns, which cost me my ogryns for sure. Nork is a great idea and i have considered him for the same reason and its just a matter of time before i add him, fluf wise and gaming wise.

    I might consider taking a vendetta with lascannons on it, when i move to 1500 points and on sentinels.. hmmm i might give it a go after Thursday, i am just worried that 1 shot with BS 3 is not enough, but i am sure you know better. Reason why i took missile launchers and auto cannon combo was to have some horde punch to.

    Your way with Harker is interesting. I heard many combos with Harker and i will for sure try out a lot of things with him in the future, including your advice with snipers and a auto cannon.

    Thanks a lot for you input Sune and i hope you will keep following this blog so you can help me out in the future to.


  3. Glad I could help, how's life in northern Jutland... I've spent time in Mid and South Jutland and got as far north as Ringkobing as I have extended family there.

    Keep up the good work ... and the fine painting!

  4. Hey guys. I'm new to 40K but I've been interested for awhile. The reason I didn't play was because I didn't have the funds to start an army but I recently found a ton of Catachan jungle fighters at an old antique store and I quickly purchased them. I actually got a bunch of orc and other assorted miniatures as well. The rough pics can be found here.

    I've stripped them all and have begun painting them. If I could have picked an army this would have been it. These guys are awesome.

    I will be commenting from time to time to keep in touch.

    Talk to you soon.


  5. I also meant to mention that I have over 50 Catachan miniatures. 15 or so are metal.

  6. @Sune Life in the northern Jutland is getting cold and dark earlier(which on the other hand is good for painting inside) So not bad at all. Love winter as much as summer so looking forward to some cold months with hopefully some snow. Funny you went to our small country but even more funny that you actually have extended family here considering we are so few hehe ;). I hope everything is good with you to and again thanks for the tips, tips are always welcome :)

    @Weeverman trading or getting models over ebay is a great way to get an army cheap. I traded a lot over ebay as well and many of my metal models are from ebay. I can commend on your link mate since it doesn't work but lemme be the first to welcome you to the great game which is warhammer 40k.

    If you have any questions to painting and get started we are many people who are very helpful to new players. In my club they are very Very helpful, always got time to help out and the same goes for me. Lemme know if you need help.

    Imperial guard is a very fun shooting army, i have also already over 50y models in my 1000 point list hehe and getting ready to add more ;)

  7. Just happened on this blog looking for speed painting tips for my new-ish Catachan army... it looks like we're in pretty much the same boat! I've sat out the hobby for the last 10 years or so and am just getting back into it, starting with re-habbing my Catachan and SM armies.

    Everything looks great so're off to a helluva start! If you're ever interested, I started a blog a couple months ago to chronicle my comeback to the game and would love some advice as to what works best on the table these days.

    - Rob

  8. @Rob Welcome to my little blog Rob. Thank you for the compliments, i am happy you like it. I am on a little brake right now, but i will be back soon.

    I will follow your blog, it seems very interesting. Indeed we are in the same boat;)