Saturday, October 30, 2010

Missile launcher HWT and WIP

Finished my first missilelauncher HWT a week ago but i wanted to wait with showing it before i had build my second one. These two HWT goes with my infantry squads and i have still to do 3 more for my HWT missile launcher squad.

Now i wanted to continue the idea that HWTs don't just sit on their asses and wait til something comes within range to fire on. These guys spend most of their time dragging these heavy ass weapons through the jungle so their squad have some firepower with a more heavy punch to it.

Like the Auto cannon HWTs i made 1 that is actually set up, ready to do some havoc. His helper is ready with another missile. The first one i think came out pretty nice, the only thing i have been on doubt with is the white dirty missile head. I wanted it to be the classic white missile with red top on it so it stands out a bit from the more camouflaged look. I plan on doing the sentinel missile launcher the same way, however after putting it with the rest of the squad when i put it with the rest of my army, it looks a bit outta place. Maybe because its the only one so far with the white head on top..?

I also build the missile launchers with the thought in my mind that these where actually a bit lighter in weight, so they didn't needed to get set up the same way as the rest of the HWTs(more bazooka, than actual artillery).  This i tried to show on my next WIP HWT, one guy carrying and the other guy defends his mate and help spots potential targets.

Now to the WIP, as before mentioned i wanted to show the easier job of transporting this Heavy weapon. Its so easy for some catachans to carry that they can at the same time even use the other arm chopping down branches that's in the way! I put the branch there to show a newly cut branch just seconds ago.

Maybe it was Harker in his youth that started out as a missile launcher crew before he got veteran status and promoted to Sargent;). Jokes aside we all know that the catachans are more hardier and stronger than normal imperial guards, do you think does biceps are just for show? Another note is if you closely you will see i left a mold line on his left forearm. This is something i do sometimes to show the artery, which gives the muscle a more natural look. Its not always possible tho, depends on certain arms where the mold line fits perfectly.

Ras signing out.


  1. I started a Catachan army about six months ago and I'd love to know how you do your textured bases. Is it woodland scenics stuff? And is that a real rock?

  2. @Cooper It is real rocks i pick up at the part, glue it on the base where i want em. Prime em and then drybrush em 5 different colors. The bushes is just scenic bushes bought in any "real" hobbystore.

  3. My original army list has three leman russ in it but after seeing in your battle report how devastating a well placed veteran squad can be and how much of a nuisance sentinels are, I might consider altering it.

  4. @Cooper i played about 5 games so far so i am in no way a expert at the moment, however that being said i am testing a lot of stuff with my current army list and i am starting to see a bit what works in what situation and what can pay of. My

    advise to you would be to try out a lot of stuff that you think would work great, even if the internet say its not good. Also listen to some of the veterans that plays IG, they have a lot of good points and tricks.

    Some of the people following this blogs are new players to IG and some are very experienced. It is always a good idea to listen to both the groups cause while experienced people know what works and what doesn't. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to discovered new ways of using unused models, tactics or play styles. Even if its just for fun or it is to win in tournaments.

    I hope you understand what i am trying to say, i can be bad at explaining sometimes... ;)


  5. yup ditto that and great job on the models. I just finished my Harker convert and he looks great!