Sunday, October 10, 2010

heavy weapons team with autocannons done

Yesterday i managed to finish my last auto cannon for my HWT auto cannon team and here is how it came out. For some reason the barrel didn't go perfectly in the front guys hand as i had measure it to do, some somewhere along the line that had gone wrong. Al tho i am happy to finally have the first team done.

The goal for this month is this one and 2 missile launcher heavy weapons for my two infantry squads. I will go with the same style as with the auto cannons to add some diversity into my army.

I have a whooping 5 missile launcher teams in my current 1000 point list, which works very well and gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to both hordes and light vehicles.

Where the missile launcher is limited to either low toughness squads or single strong toughness targets, the auto cannon puts out twice the amount of shots and are much better at taking out 4+ - 7+ toughness squads cause of this.

Ras signing out..


  1. Dude.. They look great. I've started a blog so I'll get some of my pics up soon.

  2. @Weeverman lemme be the first to follow your blog! I am very interested in seeing your take on the catachans mate.

  3. Here's my blog:

    I just posted for the first time today.

  4. Awesome!

    Can you imagine actually lugging that great thing - plus ammo and personal it - into battle? Jeez.

  5. Ha ha yeah, actually i thought a lot about it when i read the codex and that was what inspired me to make the setup. dense hard jungle terrain and then you have to carry one of does... Space marines have it far to good...