Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Demolition charge, Say hello to my little friend!

Certain Imperial guard units have the option to take 1-2 demolition charge, that being veterans squads(1) and the special weapons teams(2). Its a one use weapon. The demolition charge clicks out on pricey 30 points and comes along with Melta bombs for the squad with the vets and 20 points for it in the special weapons team. 

Lets look at the stats for the demo charge:

Range 6 str 8 ap 2 type Assualt 1, large blast and 1 use only.

  When i first saw it in the codex i put the idea away fast cause of the range but after seeing marbo in action with his demolition charge, i am rethinking the option. The demolition charge can do horrible damage! So far in 4 games i killed 8 space marines in one charge, 7 Striking scorpions, and i had two misses. So the potential of this weapon is HUGE!

 My plan will be to put a demo charge in with Harkers gang and see what happens. In half the games so far, Harkers guys got cut down with flamer, rapid or close combat. But in each case they had one turn where a demolition charge would have made a big difference.

I painted up one of my demo charge users and we will see how it works out. I any case i will let you guys know how it works out.



  1. I Just found your blog and i am actually right in your boat. Currently I am forming an all foot catachan squad and so far I really like your blog- very insightful, I shall continue to read your blog.

    As for this post when i read about the demo charge i totally agree with you- my first instinct was to only take the demo if it was with Harker because otherwise it would never get delivered in time. I will try it out soon and tell you how it works for me and what i would stick in the squad.

  2. I use Veteran-Demo Charge-Grenadiers all the time, they are a staple of my army. The Demo charge is a great tool for exterminating Xenos scum, and has the added benefit of providing comedy moments when it scatters back onto the squad which threw it, killing them all outright! Has happened on more than one occasion! Still 30points I give my squad Melta bombs and a scary one shot weapon, I think thats quite cheap!

  3. @Brother Marshal Thank you for your kind words on my blog! I am happy i am not the only one to play around with Harker and some nasty surprises hehe. I will be looking forward to hear you experiances with the demo charge, i plan on testing it tomorrow.

    @Weeverman thanks man, waiting for does pictures of the terrain you promosed;)

    @CommissarHarris haha i agree with you on the commedy moments, i had one game with marbo where his democharge did some unforseen laughing... from my opponents side:)

    Yeah the pointcost is not to bad considering that most units will not go near them if they cant charge(which is what we guard wants). I think what put many IG players of is the thought that they can get another inf squad(almost) for that price.

  4. The demolitions upgrade turns a veteran squad into something that 'must' be destroyed at range. The ability to wipe out whole terminator squads gets some enemies jumpy, and 10 meltabombs will make even dreadnoughts cry and superheavies heave.

    In a 'no-tank' army the demolition pack become your 'weapon' of last resort and your artillery rolled into one.

    The advantage of the special teams with demo packs is the ability to use them as 2flamer plus demo close combat screening units. They march forwards into enemy fire and set the enemy alight with dramatic pyrotechnics...

    They then die while your units retreat.

  5. @Sune Well said! The idea about the special weapons with 2 flamers is a interesting one.. Might have to try this out in later games :)

  6. I was thinking about that too, they are a great screen to keep people from comming too close, the only problem with the special weapons force is that it would cost alot to field and if someone were to get into cc with you they are done, unless you can roll amazing and/or orgyns happen to be supporting them from immediately behind- then they only need to live one turn. I prefer them flanking because Harker is a good model and seems like he can make them live long enough to use their one demo charge. the special weapons team though can use 3 which is a huge plus.

  7. @Brother Mars Yeah that's the tricky part, if they get cc = no demo charge or flamer usage and then they are just a really expensive half a inf squad.. but if you can managed as (Drax once pointed out)to feed the terminators(or any death star unit) a squad first when they consolidate, run in and let em eat firepower and a demo charge. So i am thinking to maybe use a demo charge with the special team in the back, then see what he does and if he makes a small mistake run out and blow him up.

    I think it would scare my opponent a bit if he knows that the second wave have a freaking demo charge user amongst em! he he..

    ps. Running Harker with a demolition charge as well, cause that's just to much fun and lets em give a huge whopping when they come in, no matter what it is they are near + i saw how powerful melta bombs is even against landraiders let alone rhinos/predators!

  8. Hi Rasmus,

    I have found your blog for the first time today and enjoyed reading it. You seem to be in the same position as me in that you are also in the early stages of building your army and feeling your way.

    I like your paint job - it suits the Catachans really well! I've attempted the same (foolish) challenge as you, by starting to paint my basic Imperial Guard to a high standard, so progress is very slow! I hope to be ready to play my first game in the new year, fingers crossed.

    Based on your advice I think I will get some of these Demo charges in my army soon, they sound like game changers given the right luck...

    I've added you to my blogroll, and look forward to reading more from you soon!


  9. @thegeekexpress welcome to the blog mate! Doing a challenge for yourself every month is very motivating, at least for me.

    Not only can they turn the game if used correct ,with a bit of luck and they add a huge amount of fun to your army at the same time. I am trying to come up with a tactic to improve their performance with the special weapon teams when my final 1500 army list goes live.

    Try to get a game or two in as fast as possible. Playing with your army will give you a huge motivation to paint more(again at least for me).