Friday, October 15, 2010

Catachan battlereports in the future

I started playing games the last 3 weeks at my local club and i am having such a blast! I am learning about all the mechanics and each game is a valuable lesson learn. At the moment i am playing at least one game a week but i am expecting at least 2 games pr week in the future.

So far i been practicing on making battle reports. I am trying to get better at taking good pictures that gives a good overview of the action, but at the same time really soaking up all the tips and tricks to me as much as possible and i am at this stage where i get carried away and forget to take pictures...!

Well to make a long story short, there will soon be battle reports coming on my blog with the brave Catachan forces fighting all the enemies of the emperor. As soon as i get satisfied with my work i will start making them.

So far the score is 3 games lost 1 game won. Stay tuned, the Catachans are coming!

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