Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thoughts on my first game played with the Catachans.

I just came back from my first game at the local club. The game ended in a loss to the Catachans, but i learned alot from my first game and we already planed another game next Thursday against Jørgens Space wolves. We played 1000 points and we are both new with our armies and the game in general, here is what i learned.

1. Space Wolves in Rhinos and bikes cover the board extremely fast! Even without tubo boosting his bikes  managed to roll up and devastate Harkers devils which is stupidly did not put in cover. He killed 6 lasgunners and Harker, 1 flamer and the the 2 meltas ran of.... Harker managed to save a little face, by gunning down a wolfen on a bike. His Rhinos where in front of me in my turn 2!

2. Infantry squads can put down some hurt if given orders. My platoon squad and infantry squad almost wiped a full biker squad in my turn 1(with ALOT of help from the dice gods! Alotta 6, but still!)

3. Auto cannons are not as powerful as i was let to believe.. Next game i am switching half my Heavy weapons teams to rocket launchers. Their ability to use either Krak(strength 8 or Frag missiles strength 4 but blast template) would come in more handy than a strength 7 team with 2 attacks..

4. Ogryns hit damn hard with Strakens aura but 3 ogryns are not enough to win a close combat against a full grey hunter squad. I am gonna boost it up to 5 and i found out i really need a squad to first engage the enemy and then move the ogryns in for the deathkill. I am thinking about putting the Heavy weapons teams between strakens command squad and the ogryns near him. Bring it and ill stomp ya silly! Straken can then call bring it down on the two HWT teams, which i saw is deadly!

5. Marbo can do serious damage!... if he don't scatter his demo charge;) i could have taken out a full squad Grey hunters, but it scattered 4 inces and it only covered 2(which died) and he then got hammered by a melta afterward...

6. My sentinels are very good as a speed bumb, they lasted for 2 turns engaged with 7 marines(one with a powerfist) and there was still 2 left when Straken cleaned up.

7. Straken is a beast in close combat! He nailed 4 marines on the charge. His ability to ignore armor saves makes him the bane of marines. WS 5 along with strength 7 on the charge is insane!

8. Guardsman break very easy in close combat even when they are in greater numbers against space wolves.

I had a real blast with my first game, i was smiling all the way home and i am very excited about starting to play the game. I was so carried away that i forgot to take any pictures, however i will make sure to take pictures next week. Now i just need to find out what to paint for the next months goal(other than my last auto cannon HWT).

Thursday revenge belongs to the Catachans! Space Wolves beware!

Ras signing out.


  1. Glad you had fun!

    I love rocket launchers, but I've frequently been disappointed by them too. Mind you, the same goes for autocannon. If I'm taking either now, I tend to take both: a squad of each.

    Have you considered fielding your sentinels as 3 squadrons of one rather than one of three? It'll give you more versatility...

    With Marbo, try to put him on the far side of the unit he deepstrikes near. This way, when the survivors of the blast inevitably seek revenge, they'll be forced to either stay put or move towards him - away from your lines.

    And as for Guardsmen breaking easily in c-c? True. Always try to feed your units into combat one at a time wherever possible. Ideally, the enemy destroys a single low-value unit, consolidates his poxy d6" then gets gunned down by your gunline. A canny foe will try to charge multiple units: that way danger lies.

    - D.

  2. @Drax aye that's the plan, 1 HWT with auto cannon and 1 team with missile launchers.

    That is a great idea with the sentinels mate, that way i have bigger chances of putting them where it hurts during the whole part of the game and still they can be used for more effective speed bumps with them separate.

    Marbo another golden one, i will try and use him that way Thursday.

    Many good pointers mate and ill be sure to use em all Thursday and snap a few pictures of how it went using them!