Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oldschool Junglefighters, Catachan Devils and last Autocannon Heavy weapons team WIP.

lately i been shopping Catachans at Ebay for some of the older metal models, as i am crazy about their looks. They old metal models where one of the big reasons why i even started this Army. Sadly they are rare in hobby shops now a days so ebay or by pure luck is the only ways to get em. However i am in the lucky situation that very few people actually collect Catachan so i managed to get some not only amazing models, but they where also cheap!

Now i wanna mix the old models with the new ones for a more diverse look of my army. A few squads might compose of pure plastic as i don't wanna use the same looking metal models together. I am guessing i can collect about 10-12 metal lasgunners, one of each of the weapon teams(flamer, melta, plasma and grenade launcher), the 2 heavy flamer teams, the demolition teams. The sniper teams(thinking of using these 3, converting another 7 to use as proxy for ratlings(The codex says that the catachans are renown for their sniper teams but they are the same stats as cadians(BS=3)3?). I also got some of the metal Commanders and sergeants(still got a few more to get), which i will show later when i start painting does.

The first squad i will mix metal and plastic is Harkers Catachan devils. I already got harker and 2 more painted, although i am considering painting camouflage on their skin(got an idea on how to paint some interesting camouflage from the IG codex) and i put together the rest of the devils yesterday evening.

As you can see on the pictures, Harkers squad consist of: 2 meltas, vox caster, 1 heavyflamer, 6 lasgunners and big bad Harker himself. I just noticed by looking at the pictures, that i need to drill the gun barrels of the meltas and heavyflamer, but thats quick and easy. The plastic models i used for his squad came from the command sprue and one of the HWT sprue.

Now the last thing i am gonna talk about is my last of the auto cannon HWTs. I am gonna try to duplicate last months success and convert a HWT on the move. This time they will be moving through the jungle instead of being in the process of setting up. I wanted to capture the team moving, on the way to the others. First guy is pointing and picking up pace, while the other just looks up to see why his mate is

hurrying and apparently shouting for;) Now like the others i always put em on the small bases for painting purposes and then after painting them, putting them together with the gun itself. The Auto cannon fits in the front guys raised hand and the back guys lowered hand, but for the above mentioned reason i just put it next to them so you can get a feeling on what i am trying to do.

I might put the guy behind on a slightly taller piece of group so it will look as they are moving downwards, but you will have to wait and see what i make up my mind to do.. So this is the goal for September. I am waiting on 6 bottles of Modelmasters Dullcoat varnish to come from my local hobby shop so i can varnish the two pieces of terrain i made. One of them being a small forest base. All the trees for it i got from a friend who was kind enough to give them to me from his own bit box(thanks again Adam;)) and i got just enough trees for one more. The Terrain will be posted in a future post, when i get em varnished.

Rasmus signing out.


  1. Looking really nice. I love the autocannon guys and Harker's squad. Coming out really nice.

  2. Yes the old Catachan models had much more personality. Plastic infantry guys look like Rambo on steroids in my opinion but the new command squads are much better.
    The Autocannon conversion looks very interesting, I am waiting to see how it will look like in the end.

  3. Yeah some of the old plastic catachans looks very buffed and i totally agree on the new command sprue and HWT sprues being much better than some of the old plastics. I am a bit torn on which ones are best when comparing the old metal ones with the new plastics... I will let you guys decide on that.
    I am painting up some of the old metal models for the devils at the moment and i must say i love the sculpts!