Thursday, September 2, 2010

How many models to get started?

I am getting closer to the goal of getting some games in under the belt. I am hoping in latest 2 months, i will have my 500 point army all painted up and ready to test at the Local club. Very exited about this!!

So what i have left to paint:

Started on
Not started on


CCS (5) (vox)(Melta.)

PCS (5) (vox)(grenadelauncher)
(finished the Vox caster and grenade launcher)

Infantry squad (10) (vox)

veteran squad + Gunnery Sergeant Harker (10) (vox, 2 meltas, 1 heavyflamer)
(finished the Heavyflamer and 1 melta)

-Heavy weapons squad (auto cannons)
(just need 1 more HW team)

Infantry squad (10) (vox)


Scout sentinel (auto cannon)

I am feeling confident that i will get it done in 2 within two months. After that i will just have to varnish all the models(have 6 bottles of Modelsmaster Dullcoat on the way from my local hobby shop) and to fit them into my army case.

I just finished my second piece of terrain today and all i need to do is to wait for the varnish to arrive so i can varnish it before applying the static grass and bushes. I will post pictures as soon as i get the two pieces varnished.

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