Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catachan Devils WIP

Finished my 4 metal Catachan devils a week ago but i wanted them varnished before showing them of. This is the first time i varnish any of my models and i ma VERY happy and relieved about the result. I spend hours painting one of my models, some people call me insane for painting IG footslogging army in such a high standard, but that is the choice i picked when looking for my first Warhammer 40k army to actually play with. So naturally i was very scared about varnishing my models. I had heard horrible horrible stories about varnish ruining the paint job on models after being applied or changing the look of it... So it took me ages to find out how i would do it and still it was a frightening experience varnishing my first model.

BUT and that is a big but, it came out amazing if i may say so myself. It didn't change one bit of the paint job and was very easy to apply. Here a shot of my first completed metal Catachan devils after being varnished.

Next models coming up will be the 3 plastic devils. It will be fun to compare the new plastic models to the old metal ones standing side by side.

Ras signing out!


  1. Great work!

    What varnish did you use? Be aware that some varnishes behave a little differently on plastic to how they behave on metal...

  2. Hi Drax.
    I used GWs ard coat first to give it a nice strong coat of varnish and then i used models masters dull coat to take away the shine. I tested it on a plastic model of mine before trying it on the Catachan ones. Its very good for plastic to.