Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guardsman Marbo

So i know that the plan was to paint the last heavy-weapons team BUT! I ordered Marbo and Straken cause i need them for Thursday, when i hopefully will play my first  1000 points game at the local gaming club. When they came with the mail there wasn't much to do that to start on one of my favorite special characters in Warhammer 40k.. Marbo! Here is how he came out.

Lets have a look at his stats line and  gear.

Guardsman Marbo
WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 5 A 4 Ld 7 Sv 5+

Unit Type: Infantry (unique)
War Gear: Flak armour; Ripper pistol, Envenomed blade, Demolition charge; Frag grenades and Melta bombs.

Now thats alot of gear for one guardman! Well hes not any guardsman but he is guardman Marbo!

Ripper pistol: This is sniper pistol with range 12 ap 2 and as all sniper weapons strength X. Correct me if im wrong but this means that in close combat he will gain another attack cause he is equipped with a pistol and a blade? if thats true thats 6 attacks if he charges!

6 attacks with with strength 3 might not be that lethal bit now comes the killer!

Envenomed blade: Marbo carries a big knife coated with all sorts of venom which wounds on a 2+ ! This means that he will have 6 attacks on the charge with WS 5 that wounds on 2+ with Initiative 5!!

Last but not least my favorite of all his gear...! His.. 

Demolition charge: Marbo have with him a demolitions charge that range 6 strength 8 ap 2 assault 1 with a large blast.. That is some serious damage.. But wait! it gets better. Lets take a look at his abilities.

Special rules: Fearless, Fleet, Hit and Run, Move Through Cover, stealth, loner and Hes behind you!

Lets look at the last two rules closer.

Loner: You cannot give Marbo orders from the officers.. okey fair enough.. lets look at the other rule.

Hes behind you!: Marbos skill at infiltrating is second to none in the Imperial Guard. Marbo always starts in reserve, even if the missions do not normally use this rule. When he do come in he can be place up to 1 inc from any enemy unit! He may not assault or move that turn although he can shoot normally. 

"In battle it is said that fighting Marbo is like fighting a shadow. Enemy commanders have sworn  that such attacks cannot be the result of one man and that an entire army must have ambush them".

I cant wait to use this guy in a game! Ras signing out..


  1. By the way, here's my take on Marbo:

    Poor photo quality, I'm afraid!

  2. @Drax i love that conversion of yours from the second i saw it. you painted it so natural looking! It reminds me of some Vietnam night camouflage(properly from one of the Rambo movies).

    The yellow/black danger markings on the demo charge really makes a good synergy with the darker paint job. I was thinking of doing something similar to yours when i planned my Marbo, but ended up with a similar paint job to make him fit in with my army.

    Very nice conversion(not to say cheap? you can prolly get the model from ebay for less than 1/5 of the price of GWs Marbo, of ebay). I believe its a crew from one of the old HWTs? i have the original model in my collection from ebay.

    And the photo is not bad, it just have a hard time locking on to Marbos camouflage!! ;)