Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harkers Catachan devils done

I finally finished the last 3 plastic devils. Now the interesting thing, how do they look next to the metals ones or even compared to them. There is no reason debating the detail difference on the metal and plastic Catachans, but how do they look next to each other?

From a while away i cant seem to tell the diffrence, only if i pick em up can i see. This makes me happy, means that my army will look good togeather and i have the metal models for the eye candy if you look close.

With  Harkers Boys done, i can start the last heavy weapons team and  will have reached my goals, when its finished for this month. After that i wonder what to do for next month. I am considering the command squad and then treat me to one of my Ogryns!

I might have revise my army list before that tho, since i am thinking of bringing a flamer instead of the heavy-flamer and then add some grenade launchers in the 2 normal squads for some extra firepower. Time will tell what i end up with.

Ras signing out..


  1. Nice models, not sure what you wrote about them because in all honesty the background of your blog makes it impossible to read...

  2. Ohh i am sorry i didn't realize that. That is something i have to work on then. My bad English and an impossible background is not a good combination.