Monday, August 30, 2010

The Sentinel, Catachan style.

Here it is in all its glory. My first mechanized unit and the only one in my 500 point list. Lets just start out with saying that thank god my catachan army is mostly grunts foot slugging it out. Even tho i did enjoy painting it, this one was very stressing for me. Maybe it wasn't the paint job in it self, but my first try on weathering anything but my first terrain(which i did 1 day earlier) that freaked me out.

That being said, i am pretty satisfied how the sentinel came out. I had to go through it several times after i thought i was done, cause taking still pictures is a unforgiving judge... I found out some very nice stuff that i need to work more with, specially on my terrain pieces. I still need to find my approach to painting armor. I got it almost nailed down for now, but i need the routine before i can improve it. However for now that will do.

I might go back and weather my weapons on my marines, i kinda like the effects that i put on the sentinel, with paint and metal scraped of(all tho lots of space to improve this!) and i think it gives a natural look to metal that have been been roughed up. However i am not sure how it will look on weapons like lasguns etc. Might try it out on the first two veterans i will paint up for my veteran squad.

On another subject! I have a bunch of old school metal models of the old Catachans on the way from the UK. I bought them fairly cheap from ebay and i am very exited about painting them up. I love the old metal models, they where one of the foundations to why i started collecting the Catachans. Will get you briefed out on the next months goal as soon as i make up my mind what it will be.

As always i would love some feedback if theres anything i can improve on my blog or painting or even modeling.

Ras signing out.

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