Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A question for my readers.

Hi to all and a big thank you for following my blog! If it wasn't for you, this blog haven't have been half as fun as it is updating it. When i first started this blog, it was meant as a journal, a way to keep track on my progress both painting but also playing wise. To be honest i did not expect people to actually follow my blog and the progresses i made since it was born.

While writing in my blog is more rewarding that ever, i want to give something back to my readers for spending time reading and commenting on my silly ideas and models. So what i want from you(if you are willing), is to comment  on this post what YOU would like to see here in the new year. Be it a certain unit(s), more tutorials(on something you might having problems with), more battle reports(maybe even improvements suggestions), maybe more Dark angels etc. As long as it have something to do with Imperial guard or Dark angels, the sky is the limit.

When i say something for the new year it is because i just started up on a little project which will fill out December. I recently trade my ogryns away for the old ogryn models(you know i am a sucker for the old stuff) and i want to paint a squad up along with Nork(and finally finishing all 4 special catachan characters!).
Here is a little picture of my newly acquired thugs!
I already dipped the 3 chosen ogryns in Chrystal soup and started pinning them together. Nork got primed and are ready for paints.

I hope you will take the time to help me give something back.

Best wishes Ras


  1. As I usually say for these sorts of things, do what you want to do. Force something and it will look forced. Keep it as part of your hobby, let it motivate you and make you happy - don't turn it into a job or an obligation.

    That said, I love battle reports with lots of pictures. ;-)

  2. I love tactical articles. Catachans have an uphill battle and I'd like to understand the evolution of how you fight a 'mainly' infantry army in competitive games?

  3. I am a Catachan player myself, and I would like to see your take on a traditionally non-Catachan unit such as an Techpriest Enginseer, Penal Legionaires, and Conscripts - mostly for the input on how you would "junglefy" such units! :)

  4. Tahnk you so much for reponding guys. Much love from Denmark coming your way.

    @Son Battlereports. Check! Will make more in the future for sure.

    @Sune I love writing tacticas and debate them afterwards with you guys. Its a great way of sharing experiances and tactics. So for sure many more incoming next year.

    @blue next year i have plans to add more none traditionel catachan units. However i am also adding cadians troops next year so it wont be all catachans ;)