Monday, November 7, 2011

How to paint camoflage on uniforms

Hi guys. As promised i made a little tutorial on how to paint camoflage on uniforms. Its a very simple 3 step program i do, nothing special at all.

When i paint a model no matter what model i always prime the model white. I then give the whole model badab black. This have several functions.

- It makes all the details much more clear for me, which again makes it alot easier to paint.
- It gives naturel shadows all over the model. This is great cause i thin my paints with water. So when i paint a part, the shadows comes through the layer as you will notice on the second picture.

Heres how the model looks before i start painting the pants.

First step is a layer of catachan green. I mix it with about 2 drops of water to 2 drops of catachan green. Notice i do not care if it doesnt cover 100% the pants, this just adds to the whole look.

After the 50/50 catachan green / water
Second step i add a drop of camo green in the catachan green mix and then adds a drop of water to it aswell so it stays thin. I then paint on some of the raised areas AND some places i feel need some(this is intirely up to you. Again keep in mind we are painting camoflage).

After the mix of catachan green / Camo green
 Third Step is a subtle step. I now add another Camo green drop in the mix along with yet another drop of water. I now highlight some of the same places as before and some new places.

After yet another drop of Camo green.

A clearer picture of the finished pants.
I hope you get the generel idea on how i do it. This is a fun and easy way of painting camoflage pants(atleast for me) and i hope it helps some of you guys.

best wishes Ras


  1. Hi, TY, subtle, could you show us something with a little more obvious camo ... but not too much ... big ask maybe?

    Keep it up !!!



  2. I like that mate, it's very subtle but works well.

  3. Thanks guys. Im happy you like it!

    @Shofer ill see what i can do mate. But i cant promise it will be done this month since i have a patrol and club event both coming during this month.