Friday, November 18, 2011

The Primaris Psyker finished just in time for combat patrol

I finally finished my favorite combat patrol HQ. This guy is often overlooked in games cause frankly he doesnt bring much utility to the army unlike many of our other HQ units. However what the Primaris Psyker lacks in utility he makes up for in brute strength!

Front view
The primaris psyker while being a standard human statswise  have some dark talents. He have two powers. The main power and the main reason why you might include him in your army is of the power: Lightning arc. The Primaris if successful will shoot out 2 D6 strength 6 hits up to 24 inces!! so anywhere between 2 and 12 strength 6 hits pr turn. This guy can put some serious hurt on units with weak saves(Ork boys for instance) or simply force alot of saves on units like Terminators or open transports. 

A funny example is last game i used him i attached him to the blob unit and moved forward toward my enemy playing Codex Spacemarine. Telion snipes my commisar in first turn(arrrg i just finish painting him!!) and in my turn i use lightning arc back on Telion and his scout squad and manages to force so many saves that 2 scouts + Telion dies!! Mwhaha revenge!

His other power is Nightshroud and  to be honest i only use this when i am out of range forLightning arc. If successful he will shroud him or the unit he is in and any units that wants to shoot   on the unit have to  make a LD test or shoot on another target.

Another little extra bonus is that he wields a Forceweapon which means that he have the ability to instant kill a model. However this should only be tried if you have no other choice as he is only strength 3 and will always have a hard time wounding a target with multiple wounds since they often have thougness 4 or more with only 2 attacks. Also keep in mind that he only have a 5++ save or 5+ save and with two wounds you dont want to risk him getting instant killed or simply get enought wounds on hi mthat he will end up dead.

back view
In combat patrol where i mainly use him, this power is rediculous strong! However even in big normal games he have his uses. I add him from time to time for the fun factor cause it fun to see your opponents face when you roll 10 strength 6 shots from one model.

I hope this post will maybe tempt you to bring out the Primaris psyker out for a game or two or if you already tried him out maybe you have some funny stories how the Primaris psyker made you giggle.

Best wishes Ras


  1. Nice model. I converted a Primaris Psyker from a sanctioned psyker model. (Bottom of the page here

    I really like the Primaris, but it is sometimes hard to bring him because he is usually just an extra kill point for my opponent.

    Funny story: My Psyker once went toe to toe with a runepriest in close combat I won the first round causing one wound on him and making my 5++ save against his power weapon. I think we tied the 2nd round, and the third round he finally dropped me. I attempted to use my force weapon on round one, but he nullified it. :(

  2. Haha nice1 Boxer! Tell me about nullified... 2 games ago my Primaris got locked down 3 rounds just to get cut down in closecombat by the libby with Thunderhammer stormshield Terminators^^.

    Very nice Primaris you build there, would love to see some paint on him!

  3. He is painted now, I just haven't been back around to photograph him. I'll try to get a post up with my now painted army.

  4. Nice model, and I like the heavy underbrush on the base, very fitting given who he's attached to.

    I've used a Primaris a number of times, and I enjoy them. If the enemy has psychic defense you can indeed get shut down pretty easily, esp. being Ld 9. I've had fun attaching him to my Ogryn - Ld boost, they can benefit from the shroud as they advance, and lightning arc pairs up well with ripper guns.