Monday, November 7, 2011

Power weapons WIP

Hi guys. A little quick update on some work in progress, my powerweapon sargeants. I have had a few thoughts on how to do my catachan powerweapons. First idea was to make it less shiny than normal powerweapons, kinda like overheated metal. I somehow didnt like that tought tho, i mean comeon its powerweapons! So i started painting them like my Dark angel powerweapons since i really like how they came out and this is how they came out.

However after a day of looking at them i decided that its to flashy and the blue just didnt look right on em. So i decided to go for same style but other colors. This is how it came out and will be what i stick with unless people can convince me otherwise.

All i need to do now is to paint the pants camoflage, which i am making a small tutorial on since a few people have been emailing me for help on.

Until next time

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