Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nork Deddog

First of the ogryns done, Nork is here! I finished the last of the catachan special characters in the codex, Nork Deddog. Man i love painting ogryns and i cant wait to get started on the next 3. The details are big and groowy, the surfaces is huge compared to the other infantry models and the models themselves are rapidly becoming my favorite models. Oddly enough when i bought Nork i didn't like him much, I thought he was to small and he didn't really fit in at all with the newer models(aesthetic wise). 

However after trading the new ones away for the older ones. I stopped focusing on the lack of similarities between the old and new and found a new grown love for good old Nork. I decided to give the ogryns a different skin tone than the rest of the army to make them stand out more(starting with talarn flesh and highlight up from there instead of dwarf flesh). I am also not gonna give them the slightly yellowish tones as the rest of the catachan as i think it will make em look sick on such big surfaces.

Nork Deddog
The Imperial guard codex are full of cheap and good units, however it also has its fair share of point dumps. Sadly Nork is one of them. He is more expensive that Straken himself! Clicking in at 110 points.. Takes the space of the bodyguards, which clicks in at 30 points for two wounds and who have 3 attacks each(2 on base+1 for another cc weapon).

Nork at Straken side
Basically what it all comes down to is that you pay 80 points more for a ogryn in the Company command squad who have toughness 5(which is wasted cause he is a squad upgrade and not an independent character). You get feel no pain on Nork  himself, you get less attacks(4 instead of 6) with str 5 tho instead of str 3. He have two fun special abilities. One which will never be used cause you would never put a commisar in with Nork anyways(cause of the ability itself) and another one: d6 attacks str 6 if nork dies).

I will be using Nork from time to time when i will be playing fluffy games. He does make the company command squad with Straken better in close combat abd he is good for what he brings just very expensive(So perfect for fluffy games!).

Best wishes Ras

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