Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Ogryn and Ogryn squad done!

They where a real joy to paint and im proud to say i now own a fully painted ogryn squad. I still have around 5 ogryns i can paint and add to the squad if i ever feel like it. They are very fun to play with after all in friendly games. I might start to experiment with these guys abit in the new year and see if i can make them work in my catachan lists(maybe adding a big nice squad of 7-10 ogryns?)

I had to trade this guy on the forum as the 6 ogryns i already traded didnt have this guy amongst em.

And finally a picture of the whole squad!
I will take a brake from this blog for a while now and focus on Tomb Kings. The club is starting a fantasy campagn for newbies and i and some more people have taken the opportunity to to dip our hands in some fantasy while starting up slowly. That doesnt mean i will only be painting Tomb Kings the next many months but it will mean alot less catachan action than i am use to.

Best wishes Ras


  1. They look great! Ogryn are indeed fun.

    I'd say if you can find the time go ahead and paint up the rest. They're a great way to add points fast for bigger games. ;-) It can also be fun to run 5-6 in a Chimera and shoot out the top.

  2. @Son thanks alot mate. I might very well do it! They do fit the catachan fluff so well and they can be effective in the right circumstances! The chimera thing might be very fun to try out ha ha. A metal box full of eager Ogryns^^

  3. Excellent work, Rasmus - I'm just starting on my Ogryns (completing an Ogryn Auxilla Battle Formation for my own Catachan army, so thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. @Blue thank you mate. Good luck with your own, they are fun fun fun to paint!

  5. Hey Rasmus, you've inspired me to start blogging the life of my own Catachans over at

    Hope I can, in time, give you some inspiration back!


  6. Hey Rasmus, I got some info I'd like to share with you but can't find a way to PM you - could you drop me a line as so I can reply. Just wanted to give you the chance to be included in some talks with Igor over at Brother Vinnie's.

    Season's greetings! Hope you and yours have had a nice Christmas!

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