Friday, December 9, 2011

Second ogryn for the squad done!

This guy was my least favorite(my wifes favorite!) of the bunch, but after i got some paint on him i have to say that he have character! Being danish i can relate to the horns..!

What do you guys think? fail model or character.


  1. I think all the old models are fail. :) But if you like them, use them! They certainly painted well enough to have character. The horns remind me of my Skyrim character.

  2. I think the old Ogryns have a character that fits in well with the Catchan - great work Rasmus!

  3. @Boxer yeah i know the old models are abit swing and miss on some of you guys(i didnt like the old ogryn model either 12 months ago) but i have really grown to love most of the old models after painting so many of them.

    @blueroning thanks matey! much appreciated.