Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ravenwing biker almost done!

Just need to put squad markings on the right shoulder, dead static grass on the base and then of cause varnish it. I am already started priming the rider with the Meltagun.

What do you guys think? anything i can improve on? Anything you don't like or anything specific you think works good or less good?



  1. I think they are coming out great, but I would like to see some more texture and colors on the bases.

    Have you ever used cork on your bases to add some detail? Great bases on a well painted model make the army pop!

  2. I would also suggest maybe a greyish, snowy base because it makes the black of the armor pop out more.

  3. @Stillfrosty i was trying to simplify the bases more than what i normally on the Catachans. I think ill do a pure bleach bone dry brush on top of the base, see if i can get it to pop more.

    I wont get white for sure. I like the red but your right for sure about the bases mate. Might help more when they grass comes on to.

  4. Great job man! Have you thought about dusting/dirtying the wheels at all?

  5. @Weeverman Thanks for the compliments! And Yeah mate as soon as i figure out how to do it best so it actually looks like red dust.