Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dark Angels

I have had a small Dark Angel army lying under my table for a little over 6 months now that  have not gotten longer on than to take the filth of. So now my question to you is: "Are any of you interested in reading about my Dark Angels or are you just interested in IG.

I will go into a Ravenwing army(bike army), Deathwing army(Terminator army) and the green colors Dark Angels. I would start in that order to.

If i decide to post on Dark Angels on this blog, then it will still mean that my Catachan army comes first but once in a while i will post on the Dark Angels. I would really like to hear your thoughts about it.



  1. I say post it!

    I have never played DA but they are fun to look at.

  2. Post away... I've just started to add a small force of Salamanders to support my own Catachans.

  3. Yeah, post up some Dark Angel stuff. This is your blog, if someone doesn't want to read it then they can go somewhere else, haha. I'll be posting Blood Angel stuff on my blog once I get through my IG painting session.

    Post on!

  4. I would love to read some Dark Angels stuff, as I have a few figs myself and am considering starting a full blown army.

  5. Post whatever you want man. I have a Raven Guard army collecting dust -- I have played SM with my IG to help support while I build up my army.

  6. NO! ;)

    Unless you want to hear AAAAAAAALL about my Emperors Children that I just unpacked..

    Now, we want pictures!

  7. Tried to email you, Ras, but couldn't find your address(!). Do please check this out:

    - Chris.

  8. Same here buddy - your getting a lot of english love of the Catachan blogger:

  9. Holy Cow.. Thank you so much guys!Being nominated by two of my favorite bloggers, almost puts a tear in my eyes.. I guess this means i need to make a stylish post myself then!