Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beaten by feber..

Against all the odds, i caught something a few days before the tournament started. What started out as a sore throat the day before, escalated into a fever and i was now not able to finish the last bit and in the end to compete in R3T.. 

This is what i had prepared the night before. I had primed the last 3 mortar crews and made the 3 bases for them. 
My objective marker that i quickly threw together the night before(sorry Sune, there wasn't enough time to come up with a good enough idea for your puntrap idea). The idea was a crashes VIP as the sole survivor in the jungle waiting for the jungle fighters to get him the heck outta there! I plan on doing him very muddy and hurt!
The 3 mortar crews i had already finished.

 I plan on finishing the last bit during next week if the fever is gone(if god will it) and then do a battle report with pictures of the whole thing against someone at the club versus his R3T list vs my own R3T list  just so i get to play a fully painted army for the first time and also at the same time play against one!


  1. Loving the look of those minis, mate.

  2. Sorry you're sick man. Looking forward to your objective marker.

  3. @Drax thanks mate. I soon gonna step it up a notch seeing your new snipers mate.

    @Weever should be done in a week or so. When will you post some more good stuff on your blog again mate? I am dying to see more awesome terrain!

  4. They look fantastic! Keep up the good work ... plenty of time for Punji.

  5. You're right.. I need to post more pics. I'll have some up soon.