Monday, April 18, 2011

The imperial guard basilisk catachanized!

 The basilisk in all its glory! This bad boy was very fun to do and it had a ton of extra parts to really customize it as you want. I used one of the crew from the last mortar team from Drax for one of its crew. Funny enough the old mortar shells fit the basilisk barrel perfectly! I also used the extra shells from both the mortar teams to use as extra ammo for the loader.

The weathering is more in line with the newer chimera and i am really liking less weathering even tho i am not hating on the old rust bucket chimera i did the first try for the Company Command Squad.
 Nothing more to say than that i have 4 days to finish 3 mortar teams + the objective marker for the tournament! Luckily i have 2 days of school on Thursday and Friday and i told the missus that does are reserved to painting.

I'm planning on going back to it later and do some combat graffiti on it like the chimeras, also i am abit unsatisfied with the mud on the ramp after i looked closer at the pictures. Also i missed the scroll on both sides but again after the tournament!
Fluff wise i am imagining the basilisk standing in the outskirts of the jungle in the camp ready to rain shells over enemies approaching or supporting squads/companies engaged. Today's  howitzers can shot up to 31,1 km and that's small sized compare to the basilisk and this is in the future so imagine the support one of these could offer. I cant wait to try it out at the tournament satureday..

If anyone else cant find some places i forgot please lemme know! Now i have some mortar teams that wont paint themselves!

 Ras signing out.


  1. Well done. I remain impressed with your details, especially your weathering/rust. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Adding crew really does add a lot to a Bassie, finished vehicle looks reallg good, nice amount of stowage and weathering etc to add plenty of character without it all becoming overpowering.

  3. Thanks you so much guys for the compliments.

  4. Your tanks look awesome! I'm modding a Rhino into a Griffon -- I can't wait to see what it can do. How did you get the rust effects?

  5. @Weeverman looking forward to seeing that conversion mate. The rust is made with the Vallejo pigment set: "Rust and oil". Its very easy to use!