Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am Stylish? Sweeeeeeeet!

I was nominated for an award?! And from two of my favorite bloggers?!!

Chris at and Sune at nominated me for stylish blogger award and i am honored that these two awesome guys think i deserve a reward. Thanks guys!

Now back to the award itself.
Here are the rules:

-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award.
-- Share seven things about yourself.
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know    about the award.

1st point down, next to share seven things about myself.

I am 28 years old and i live with my Rumanian wife in Aalborg, a city in north of Jutland(the left and biggest part of Denmark).
I study to become a Datamatician (programmer) and i still got 1,5 years to go. I then plan of getting a bachelor after that.
I have two sisters which are 26 and 22 years old.
My favorite music is trance (Even though my wife doesn’t believe it to be music).
 My start into our fine hobby was actually Space Crusade back a good deal of years ago. Oh and I always played the blood angels ;)
 I love playing strategy games, be it Warhammer, Risk, Starcraft, settlers and the list goes on.
I used to spend all my time drawing fantasy drawings at school, but now I very rarely draw anymore.

Chris is his name and this was the guy that kick started my interest in warhammer 40.000 again two years ago. His painting is amazing, yet very different to what I like to paint and I loved many of his videos on his youtube channel. He inspired me in so many ways to get great at painting.

Fritz drew me in like metal to a magnet! His fresh and imaginative way of thinking in the terms of 40.000 are very interesting and I believe many of our bloggers have used or are using some tactics that came from his blog. He is the reason I have a Saim Hann army lying under our couch. One day I will go back to the pointy eared tricksters’!

Chris was one of the first people in our blogging community to get me thinking in new ways when it came to improving my performance on the table. Always sharing his experiences playing the foot guard that we both love to play. He is an amazing person and a great inspiration. His blog hasbeen one of my favorites since i started blogging for so many, many reasons. To mention a few would be his great topics(always interesting stuff), his conversions builds are very inspiring and his wisdom have been priceless for me.

Sune! Drax partner in crime. Sun have like Drax helped me out almost since I started blogging. Always there to give pointers and advice. He is a master of making good solid lists and I love reading about his thoughts behind them. He is also the guy responsible for me using mortars and ratlings now! I am sure that you will see a Lascannon in one of my lists one day my friend.

Stillfrosty was one of the first bloggers is subscribed to when I made my blog. Biker blogs are rare to find and have absolutely been drawn to his blog since I read the first few posts. It’s been a joy to follow his preparations, experiences and trips at the different tournaments he has been on. He also makes many awesome conversions and I love his White Scar army. I will be following his blog even more closely now that I myself are starting a biker heavy army.

All things 40k, also one of the blogs I followed since I started in 40k. A master of making painting guides that are easy to learn from, that produces amazing results and his models just looks amazing!

His way of painting is impressive to say the least. This guy got me into weathering my stuff and his blog are just full of amazing great topics, great showcases and great models!

I just recently found this guy a few months ago but I absolutely love his Imperial Guard! Great conversions, great paintjobs and just finished a amazing gaming table!

I don’t think Ron needs any introductions. There is no guy, who have done more for our community than Ron. His blog is properly the most visited each day in our community. Besides being an amazing converter, he is also an amazing painter, an amazing inspiration and a great person. I where very sad when “From the warp” was put in hibernation but thank god it is again up and running for full speed!

I decided to put Michael in the top 10 blogs for several reasons. Besides his great commission painted models and soon to be gaming club/store, he took a risk and quit his job to do something he loved for full time. That is something that takes balls and I am happy to say that he is now a full time commission painter with a several month long list of customers. Michael is a great guy and a good friend and I am very happy to see him succeed!

This where my top 10 favorite blog. There is so many great blogs out there and I am sure I am only aware of a fraction them out there. If you want to see more then all you have to do is to look at my “My favorite blogs 40k related”.


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