Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ravenwing are coming!

Managed to put together my first squad of bikes. I magnetized the melta  and the powerfist on the sergeant, after all i know squat about marines(especially bikes) so i have to make sure i can switch the special weapons in case someone smarter than me, says that i am wrong(shouldn't be to hard;)). Its also especially hard to judge for me cause my catachans, being a lot of infantry and cheap horde units, the Dark Angels are totally in the opposite direction(which was on of the reasons why i chose Dark Angels in the first place). 

I am really enjoying putting them together, which is kinda weird for me cause i love to paint not glue. The Dark Angel range offers so much conversion  opportunities and tons of bits to customize your army.

I got my hands on the Ravenwing box and Dark Angel special sprues and both come with so much extra that you can actually customize 1,5 box instead of just one! And the best part is that its all plastic(except for the meltas but hey! Shouldn't be to easy right;). I am gonna paint up a test model of the Ravenwing soon in the meantime you can look at my first 3 bikers.

On the catachan side i am gonna play Thursday with my 1000 point R3T list with a friend who is also coming with his R3T list. We will play against two of his friends who plays GK and another one playing DE. So i might be tempted to paint the last of the mortars so i can play a fully painted catachan force. We will see, might just come with the 3 black mortar bases..



  1. Looking Good!

    I will get that ravenwing tactica started as soon as I get some free time. It is the end of the semester for me so all of my papers are due so it is a bit difficult to write up a whole piece. It will be coming shortly though!

  2. @Stillfrosty Thanks mate. I will paint these up before i put more together so its no rush.

    I have one question for you tho. Would you favor melta over plasma or would you out in a balanced amount? I know you do like your plasma, but with even less models in a ravenwing than WhiteScars i assume i will need more melta?

  3. I would go half and half honestly.

    Plasma is useful because you get more shots and you can stay out of assault while being reasonably good against tanks.

    When you start firing your melta weapons, though you will kill a tank (more then likely) the unit is going to get wiped out in the next round in assault. Both have their uses but I don't think all melta is the way to go.