Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vendetta and Valkerie WIP and army overview

 Where to begin. Well i went to my first tournament yesterday and i had a absolute blast! I didn't do very well(actually i lost all 3 games and i placed last outta all 8 players), but i did learn a few things.

1. Focus on the missions..! In pretty much all 3 games i thought i was going great, just to loose on last minute objective/table-quarter grabbing or on failure to positioning my units to support the missions.
2. My army list needs a bit of tweaking.
3. I need to start playing more games.
4. Focus on missions!

 I didn't manage to finish my Vendettas for the tournament for several reasons. For starters i couldn't build 2 vendettas since i ran outta lascannons and wasn't able to get the last in time(they are on the way now tho), so i had to build a Valkyrie which was alright(although they are both magnetized so i can have 2 Valkyries, two vendettas or one of both. So i painted em up, made the bases and was gonna put the cockpit on so i could do the last weathering, guess what? One of the cockpit have a defect.. SO instead of going with one that had the cockpit and one without, i then decided to go with both without so they wouldn't look apart.

Now i did write WIP, so i will finish them both as soon as Games Workshop sends me another cockpit(hopefully) and then i will do the last weathering and really catachanize them up. I decided to take a few pictures of my whole army in my display Cabinet(yes i do pack em up and down every time i go to play in the club and when i get home, to the amusement of my wife).

I hope you enjoy the pictures

Best wishes Ras


  1. Armies looking good mate!

    As for the tournament: well, my 'To Do' list looked like yours about a year ago as well! Suppose these are the lessions we learn through experience!

  2. Little love around for the Catas, but these are great !!


  3. Loving that Vendetta. I knew they would look awesome.

    It is sometimes hard to focus on the missions, especially late game. You never know when poor dice on your side, or hot dice on your opponent's side is going to turn the tide.

  4. Thanks guys. Yeah i guess the only way to get better is playing more games a week ;)