Monday, September 12, 2011

Catachan oldschool models!

Quick update guys. 3 more guardsmen to go and i will have finished the infantry for the list! I am planning on finishing them and to start up on the first vendetta this week. Expect  awesomeness, when i kit out the vendetta  to go to war with the biggest and baddest guardsmen in the imperial guard army!

ps. Yes they are all old school metal models. How cool is that? :D


  1. Waiting for those Vendettas. I'm sure you won't disappoint.

    Yeah, playing Vendettas is tough. My initial reaction was to use their speed to move in close, but they are best used as a gunboat in most games, especially early on.

    How does your basilisk perform? Have you ever considered trading it out for a Manticore?

  2. @Boxer That was how i started playing them lol! Now i couldn't agree more with you!

    My Basilisk have been amazing in a lot of games. Sometimes it don't do much cause i scatter to much, but hey! That is the dam dices fault he he.

    One of the guys at the club says switching the Hellhound for another one would make my list even harder and he is usually right.. Ohhh decisions decisions... I havent considered adding a Manticore tho.. might be great!

  3. I run a manticore and a medusa, along with 6 mortars. The manticore and medusa are either the best units in my list or the worst.

    The mortars almost ALWAYS do some kind of work on something though.

    I'd suggest proxying a manticore at least. They can be deadly.

  4. @Normally i run mortars to. However lately i to them out cause we started practicing for the tournament and i couldn't seem to fit the mortars proper in that list.

    I already ordered a Manticore. After you talked about it i researched it and it would really fit perfectly in the army and it looks really cool to. he he!