Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick update. More catachans!

 Finished the last guardsmen for my list. I customized another demolition charge guardsmen from the old lascannon crew from the old HWT blister.

The last guy is for the vendetta. I plan on having him sitting in one of the doors in the vendetta like the Americans did in Vietnam. He is one of the old tank crews for the Leman Russ exterminator as far as i remember(i might be wrong tho)

Next update will be about the first vendetta.



  1. They are looking awesome! I like the idea of that guy hanging out the Vendetta door.

  2. Quality looking models. The guy hanging out the door from the Vendetta will look awesome (and yes he is from the old Exterminator set).

    How do you paint your stubble on the faces?

  3. @Meatballs thanks a bunch mate! we will see how it ends up looking but i have high hopes!

    @Courtney thanks mate! I paint the stubble with watered down codex grey. Its very important that you don't put it on to thick or else it will cover the shades on the skin.