Friday, September 9, 2011

Final 1250 point list for the 9k 1250 tournament

Finally finished tweaking my 1250 list for the upcoming tournament the 24th. I play tested the list, tuning it to something which i was satisfied had a good balance of armor killer, good amount of troops, mobility and last but not least, some good amount of demolition charges!

The way i been playing the list is fairly simple. I hang out in the back  firing on the enemy as he advances towards my gun line. I made some horrible mistakes with my vendettas in the beginning when i started using them and ended up loosing them fast.

Now i hang back with them, demeching metal boxes and prepare for swooping in at turn 5 to claim objectives(my vendettas are carrying the special weapons squad and platoon command squad(both troops)). If its not objectives i then use em  very aggressive trying to get maximum damage outta em(which in the later games have been a great success).

The Veterans, which i actually bought the Chimera for, is for does tough 2+ save units or high toughness(terminators, nob bikers, deep strikers, demon prince, nurgle marines etc.). I also use this squad to try and grab objectives in the later game if they are still alive.

Straken is keeping near my gun line, throwing out orders and ready to counter attack. Basilisk is staying behind the gun line most of the time in cover if possible, else i put it in the furthest corner away from my main force. Marbo is there for fun and an additional demo charge!

Next thing coming up is the finished special weapons squad, which i am painting the bases for as we speak, so expect them soon! Then i just need 3 guardsmen more and i will be done with my grunts.

More to come.


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