Friday, September 2, 2011

Catachan flamers! Platoon command squad done for the tournament!

Can you guys guess which ones are the newer ones?
Burn it up! I had to convert more flamers. I already got all the old school models painted up but 3 more where needed, so i went on to build em from the plastic spruces. I really love how they came out! I didn't expect it but i think they go well with the old ones and add ferocity to the squad!

First bunch of guardsmen done! My platoon command squad with flamers are done and i will be moving on to the special weapons squad, but first i want to talk a little about the models.

Here is how it ended up looking.
I messed up one of the flamers when i build him. I wanted everyone of them to be unique. I decided on a guardsmen that pointed to the rest and i took a arm from the newer catachan command sprues. These models are slimmer tho and when the models had dried i noticed to my horror that there was a huge cleft between the shoulder and arm! 

I decided to try something i often do. I use the model and work my magic with the brush! I gave him a metal right torso(I had to be replaced after a Tau plasma riffle blew  of a piece of the poor guy.. That never stopped a catachan tho!).

The platoon command squad for my list.
I also managed to paint up the platoon commander, which is a model i been dying to paint for a long time. The old school sergeant with laspistol and close combat weapon that i got of Ebay a while ago.

Look at that mug, they just don't make models like that anymore!

I also finished another demolition charge guardsmen and a old heavy bolter crewmen for the special weapons squad AND i built my first Vendetta! I changed my list abit as well, but still need the last parts to fall into place. More to come guys.



  1. I'm excited to hear how you do at the tournament. I'm also very interested in how your Vendetta turns out. I'm sure you have a good plan in mind.

  2. @Boxer Vendettas mate ;) My new list have two of these and the last one is already ordered. I will post the list as soon as i finalize it and i will share my thought about it.(its very close now).

  3. Like this command squad mate, really characterful!

  4. @Gungrave thanks alot mate. I am very happy you like em, i try to make em as catachan as possible :)

  5. Good call. I ran one Vendetta for awhile, but it was a gun magnet, shot down turn 1 or 2. After you get two Vendettas it goes from gun magnet to target saturation. I usually have one living until the end of the game now, if not both.

  6. My first few games was a failure. i played way to aggressive and i lost them fast. Last two games i 1 and in the last 2 survived. I need more practice, but i am getting better.

    This Saturday i am going to a small 1500 tournament at the club where i am bringing my tournament list + 10 ratlings and a Hellhound. More practice to learn the art of the vendetta ;)