Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My army so far

In a celebration of finishing two units more for my 500 point army list i decided to take a picture of my army how its looking so far. A few weeks ago i got a glass cabinet to put them in, so they are protected til i varnish them. Its amazing how much motivation they provide during day times, i am looking at them at least once a day. Watching my army grow, adding models to the ranks in the cabinet is fun and inspiring and i would recommend people in getting one if they have the space and money for it for sure.

My goal for this month was to paint my platoon command squad(see post for them) and the other half of my first infantry squad. I am proud to say mission accomplished. The progress since i started the catachan army have never been bigger for me than this. In a matter of a few months i already painted more models in this army than any other i collected and i am still going strong. For next month, i will be painting my sentinel for my 500 point list and magnetize the weapons. I am planning a great deal of free handwork on it and i am curious to see what i can do for my first real vehicle(jetbikes dont count).

The reason why i am only painting one instead of all 3 is cause i want to get my 500 point list up and running and Starcraft 2 just came out so i am gonna paint less in this month than i normally would.


  1. the army is looking good mate! your skin painting technique is very nice, that really makes the army pop nicely.

  2. Thanks alot mate, im very glad to hear that since theres so much skin showing on Catachans:).

    Best wishes Ras