Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painting skin

Painting a Catachan army requires you to paint alot of skin, pretty much all catachans are dressed like Rambo with big toned muscles! So when i started on my army i had to practice painting the skin again. I knew how to do it basically from painting my Dwarf slayer a year ago, but i wanted variety in the skin colors. Since no human skin is the same, i wanted that in my army as well. Here is how the wonderful world of mixing colors, watering em down and ink comes in! Since i am mixing colors to get a smoother transition and i don't measure with any tools, other than my eyes, its bound to be slightly different colors(like real life skin).

Here is how i did when i painted Harker.

Now i painted Harker with relative few steps, cause i wanted him to look like he was really tanned. If you want your models to be brighter skinned either use lighter colors or use more steps adding lighter colors.

Here is how i painted the skin on my platoon squad commands medic.

Now i know i am not the best person in the world to paint skin, however i hope that i can help a few people getting a pretty good start. As all things, when it comes to painting, you take what you like and then add your own personal touch to it. As skin, none of us are the same and what some people like, others might hate. Just remember that if you like how you painted your models that's all that matters!


  1. Great job man. Quick questions: do you water down your paints with water or with another solution? If so, how much?

    Thank man!

  2. @Weaverman thanks man. Yeah i always dilute my paints with water. Do not be afraid that the paints don't cover everything in a solid color, it helps the skin look more natural. Look at the Harker pictures for instance.

    When you start doing it yourself you find out how much water to put in really fast. Trust me its worth trying it. The paint job looks so much better than if you don't dilute the colors with water.

  3. I just finished painting Harker and he turned out really well. Thanks for the help!

  4. @Weeverman I am glad i can give a little back to our little community that's given me so much! Your very welcome my friend.

  5. hey great job these are quality, do you only paint the raised areas of the figure in all ur step and how many layers do u use? thanks there are great

  6. @Pomp I paint everything thinned down first step and then i highlight the raised places.

    for example. step one 100%, step 2 75%, step 3 50%, step 4 25 %. The key to getting the skin right is to thin down your paint with some water, so they don't come on and overwrite the color before completely.

    Hope that helped you. Ras

  7. Thanks alot, do u pant the layers fully on so none of the color underneath is shown, because as it watered down i will be able to see the coat underneath, thanks

  8. No as i wrote earlier o leave some of the previous color showing.

  9. just gave it a good at it looking good thanks for the tips