Sunday, July 11, 2010

Platoon command squad update 1

So i got the Medic and Platoon standard painted as the goal of the week. I am very happy on how they came out.

The Medic: I might add a bit of blood on him but i am not sure about yet. Might also work a bit more on the vials as i dunno how to make em more realistic. The vial tops are so small so they are really hard to paint.
Other than that i am pleased on the medic.

Platoon standard: This is my first time ever painting banners and i started out trying to get it neat and nice and when i finished it i realized.... there is nothing neat and nice about my catachan army, why on earth should the standards be neat and nice. We are talking jungle fighters who will drag a standard into the forest through dirt, mud and trees. A standard is for sure gonna be dirty. With that in mind i started giving it a dirty look with some washes( Gryphon sepia, Ogryn flesh and Badab black).

I added a wound on his left arm with gliding blood and gave his bandaged arm some blood as well so give him a bit more gritty look (no soldiers even a standard bearer are staying out of a fight in a catachan army;))

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