Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Dark Angels

Loosing your muse is not a great thing in this hobby and we all loose it from time to time. Finishing my AP degree in computer science, buying and moving into our new house contributed to this in some ways as well. I been trying to start up painting and putting together some models. It seems that putting together models won that contest lately, however i did finish my first tactical squad and a librarian before falling into the painting rut!

I been trying to start up on Dark Angels force again since its here my passion lies at the moment. I spent some money on some of the new models coming out with the new book and i hope to get my painting back to where it was 6 months ago.

Speaking of which, here is some videos of the models i made a few months back.

Anyway, this is me saying hey i am not dead, just struggling with my painting muse!

Best wishes Ras


  1. Welcome Back! Your painting looks awesome, as usual. I especially like the red mud weathering on the feet and cloaks of your models.

  2. @Boxer thank you mate. It seems to be quite popular the weathering and it is always nice to get compliments when your tried something new ;)

  3. Looks like you're posting as often as me! Keep at it - I'm giving some love to my infinity Haqq Islam models which is long overdue. Cracking game.

  4. @Sune always wanted to start infinity but it doesn't seem very popular in the north.. A shame cause it looks amazing but i guess Warhammer 40k and fantasy is enough for me(atleast it has to be). ;)

  5. You need about 7-8 models total for an infinity game as its all action/reaction. The models are beautiful. It's well worth it from a purely 'plasticporn' point of view.

  6. @Sune I know and that is why its been such a tough decision not to start up. But i already have a Bloodbowl team, a Malifaux gang, a fantasy army and 2 40k armies and do not even get me start on flames of war as well! ;)