Friday, July 20, 2012

And so it begins!

6th edition have been here for some time now and i been looking a bit at it from time to time. Even tho i have planned to continue with my Tomb kings after i finished painting my Malifaux crew, it seems that the urge to continue expanding my imperial guard even more is bigger. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Ras is back!

As we all know 6th edition is out with new rules and a new meta and i intend to make the best out of the new changes. I will expand the army with cadian regiments, tanks and artillery as i had planned to do, but with a twist.

I will be adding Leman Russ's to my army, in fact i plan to add 3 of them at 1850 along with Pask as upgrade. I also intend on adding lots and lots of conscripts! At the present time i will not include any chimeras but that might change later. I made a skeleton list with the units i want to include at the present time. The list still needs some tweaking but i feel like i got the core in it.

The list  

CCS(6): 4xSniper riffles, master of Ordinance 100
PCS(5): Chenkov, 4xFlamer 100
Infantry squad(10): flamer, autocannon 65
Infantry squad(10): flamer, autocannon 65
Heavy weapons squad(3): 3xMissile launcher 90
Conscrips(40): 160
Stormtroopers(5): 2xMeltas 105
Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship(1): 3xLascannons 130
Vendetta Gunship(1): 3xLascannons 130
Leman Russ squadron(2): 2xBattletank, lascannon, 2xheavy bolters, heavy stubber 390
Manticore(1): heavy bolter, heavy stubber 170
Total points 1505

Since 6th came out i bought this so far for the army(another Leman Russ is on the way and next month i will be adding more conscripts).

I am also working on my first cadian shock trooper so i can get the color scheme and painting standard  as i want it, but more on that in another post.

As always if you have any ideas and/or suggestions to improve the army please let me know.

Best wishes Ras


  1. Welcome back, Ras! I'm excited to see your take on Cadians and Leman Russes.

    If you're looking for list suggestions:

    1) I might split the russes up into two squadrons of 1 Russ each, so you don't waste too much fire on one target.

    2) Personally, I'm not a fan of the Master of Ordnance. With the new reserve rules, you may be better off taking an Astropath so you can get your Vendettas in on Turn 2 with a 2+, so they can start going to work. And if you decide to outflank them, you can reroll the outflank roll.

    Other than that, I'm glad you're back and I look forward to seeing the new additions to your army!

  2. @BoxerSaint i did a brain fart there lol. I will of cause split them up at 1500. I will put them together when i add Pask and his Punisher and i think that is why i had them together on the rooster ha ha.

    Thats very interesting with the Astropath... I think i might have to take a look at that since that would solve some of my issues with Vendetta survivability in first turn.

    As always, really appreciate your insights mate!

  3. With the new edition, all flyers have to start in reserve during the first turn, so that will solve your Vendetta survivability too! :)

  4. I agree with BoxerSaint about the Master of Ordnance, mate, and I wholeheartedly embrace your enthusiastic return to the fold!

  5. @Drax I will have to change to the astropath for sure then ;): I am happy to be back and to give 6th addition a run for its money!